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  1. hlc1988

    Critical mode keyblade form changes?

    So, I've started playing KH3 on Critical for the first time ever. On the third option for the tutorial session I selected Normal playthrough. I'm still only on Olympus, and I decided to transfer all my keyblades over for thus run-through so Sora is using Ultimate Weapon. But, why am I not...
  2. hlc1988

    Best Order to read the Novels?

    Wasn't sure where to post this so I hope this is the right place. I own all the KH novels and am waiting for the last part of KH3 to be released in January before I read them but what is the best order to read them in? Start with KH1? Where would I read the Union X book in the order? Thanks.
  3. hlc1988

    Level 1 run-throughs - advice?

    I'm attempting something I've never done before. A Level 1 playthrough of all KH games. I've just started KH1. I picked Staff and ditched the Shield. I'm wondering how wise that was. My aim is not to change Keyblade either. I'm not aiming to 100% everything. I just want to do the story. This...
  4. hlc1988

    Orichalcum+ help??

    I'm doing a 100% runthrough for KH3. Haven't done one yet. I recently picked up my Proud save where I had reached the Pirates world after leaving it for many months. I've made a lot of progress in that time. I'm on a mission to get all the Orichalcum+ for Ultima Weapon. So far I have 4 our...
  5. hlc1988

    Clockwork Trophy Birth By Sleep Requirements?

    In the Trinity Archives, you can gain trophies. I've got a few already but I've read about one called Clockwork. My combined time for BBS for TAV is just over 70 hours. What are the requirements for Clockwork for the PS4? I've read conflicting information that you get it only when you complete...
  6. hlc1988

    Kingdom Hearts Orchestra London Tickets

    I wasn't sure where to put this... I bought tickets for the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra for London on Sunday 17th November 2019. I bought these back in February of this year just after tickets were released. Unfortunately, I am now unable to go and Eventim does not give refunds which means its...
  7. hlc1988

    Looking for new Party Members!

    Hello, I hope this post is okay here... I am in a party in Unicornis which currently, each week, goes between top 50 or top 100. We are looking for players who would like to join our very friendly team. Our minimum requirements are 3billion lux per week and our lux boost time is 21:00 UTC. We...
  8. hlc1988

    Sora's lack of character development throughout the saga (spoilers therein)

    I'm fully prepared to be lynched with this thread but I'm hoping we can have a reasonable discussion here. I've been playing KH since 2006. I had a period of 7 years where I didn't play it only came back to it when 1.5HD Remix was released. With the release of KH3, I personally feel Sora has...
  9. hlc1988

    The one thing I wanted to happen, didn't.

    No interaction between Riku and Terra. Come on! Why not? It needed to happen. I hope there may be something in the DLC, if there is one...
  10. hlc1988

    How many worlds?

    Ok, so I'm a little lost... do we have any idea of how many more worlds need to be revealed disney-wise? So far we have: Olympus Toy Box Monstropolis Arendelle San Fransokyo (sp?) Twilight Town Keyblade Graveyard ? The Mysterious Tower, unless this is an extension of Twilight Town The Dark...
  11. hlc1988

    In need of a new party...

    Hello, I am leader of a party that has been steadily declining. I now seem to be the only active player. I have tried to recruit, tried to get morale up but nothing. People, which I do understand do have real life, but even my real life is hectic and busy and I still manage to log on and get...
  12. hlc1988

    Beating The Mysterious Figure in BBS

    Okay... I have struggled with this boss for so long. The Mysterious Figure. I'm playing as Terra. He is the last thing I need to do to get 100% on Terra. Terra is at lvl 90. I have 4 Thunder Surges and 4 Curagas equipped. Yet I still cannot beat him. I have beaten him before with Terra on the...
  13. hlc1988

    List of all medals?

    Is there a list around that shows all the medals for Unchained X ever released up until the present day? In order? And the order they are presented in the album? I want to write out a document for myself over which medals I have so its for my own records but I'd like the medals in order... but...
  14. hlc1988

    Farming synthesis materials?

    So I have been trying to get all the Synthesis materials so I can do a 100% runthrough. But I am struggling to find best places to farm materials. So, does anyone know the best places to farm these following materials? Blazing Stones Blazing Gems Frost Shards Frost Gems Lucid Shards Lucid...
  15. hlc1988

    Will changing sim cards affect my game?

    Hi, So I play Unchained on my mobile which is a Samsung Galaxy S7. I live in the UK. But next week I am travelling to the US for two and a half weeks, in which I am changing my sim card temporarily so I can use my phone in the US without getting a huge bill. I'm just wondering if changing my...
  16. hlc1988

    London KH Orchestra (24th and 25th March 2017)

    Anyone going to the London one apart from me? I'm going on the Saturday. Do we have a rough idea of when it will finish? Or how long the music is?
  17. hlc1988

    Playthrough Order? How would you do it?

    So once 1.5 and 2.5 come out on PS4 I want to do a big run through of KH. Taking my time and 100% everything. I've played all the games now (thanks to 2.8 I've finally been able to play DDD). So what is the best order to play in? I'm looking for different opinions.... Different ways I could...
  18. hlc1988

    Levelling up - worth it?

    So I am playing DDD for the first time on 2.8 and loving it. But I do have a few questions. I am playing on Standard Mode which is what I usually do for games I haven't played before. Is it worth levelling up my Dream Eaters and unlocking their abilities? Do I need Second Chance and Once...
  19. hlc1988

    PS Store UK/EU download??

    So with the imminent release of the game tomorrow across the rest of the world I am baffled as to where 2.8 is on the PS Store for UK/EU people. I cannot find it anywhere. It's on the US store, but not the UK/EU one. Why not? My pre-order for the game from Amazon.co.uk has still not...
  20. hlc1988

    2.8 - Predict the release date

    Ok, so when do you think 2.8 will be released in 2016? I imagine there will be a bit of a gap between the Japanease and the NA/EU releases, with the NA/EU release being a few days apart from one another, much like with 2.5. Since I am in the UK, I am hoping for a summer release over here...