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  1. Aqua.

    the "im playing level.1 critical mode" thread

    yes its like a thread for that. im playing as ven lv.1 critical mode and i can't beat maleficent. i die in 1 or two hits in most stuff but yeah. so any other ppl out there doing this? what have you noticed? do you regret it, or will you get through? you good? discuss
  2. Aqua.

    Help/Support ► omgod what have i done..i just did the worst thing ever...goddamnit

    I had been calling my friend...but he's like "I'm sorry, i m down to 634 minutes. Make it quick" So I was like "bye" and hung up. Then I texted him with this.. "Haa.. I bet ya wished this was (insert his ex which he used to like a lot but now claims to hate) huh? " He: "what makes you think...
  3. Aqua.

    Dark form/Ansem-Riku, VS kh2 Sora, who would win?

    if riku where to use the power of DARKNESS like in kh2 when he looks like ansem/xehanort's heartless lol and then fight sora who would win?? cuz remember, riku beat roxas that way, and roxas and sora are pretty much equals/same person.. soo.. who would win ? im really curious about the winner...
  4. Aqua.

    Do you guys actually think bout sex every 7 seconds ?

    i keep reading that as facts all over the place.. this is kinda scary.. nothing new... but it makes my views on guys go down a bit..
  5. Aqua.

    "this place.. it looks so familiar.. but how? iv never been outside my islands"

    remember in the tarzan world/deep jungle, when you get the slides and you watch em to see if tarzan tells ya the word he was trying to say ? well the first slide is one of a place that looks a lot like twilight town.. i don't think it is though.. cuz didn't nomura not plan kh2 and stuff till...
  6. Aqua.

    new light on "let's take the raft and go! just the two of us!"trust me it makes her look 200x better

    new light on "let's take the raft and go! just the two of us!"trust me it makes her look 200x better before that she said "riku's changed.." or something along those lines i think when she says this, she knows/feels that riku's been getting deeper into the darkness.. maybe its cuz her heart...
  7. Aqua.

    explanation for english aqua's voice, proof/footage

    i can't believe i didn't notice it before.. she totally has an accent.. well at least here.. this explains why she kinda sounds as if she has an accent in the english trailers. we saw this in the trailers so don't call me out for putting spoilers cuz they're not OaQbI8yH-2o&NR=1 and omgod...
  8. Aqua.

    Senior Pranks

    i wanna hear what you guys' school's senior pranks have been, any funny stuff and shit xD or what some of you plan ?
  9. Aqua.

    Help/Support ► dirge of cerberus disc kinda scratched, freezes during a black screen

    title says all im on said black screen right now. iv tried tilting my ps2 a bunch of positions cleaned it w/ toothpaste and stuff even put it against a hot lamp for a few seconds still doesn't work ! :( it works perfectly fine except for this part... i need to restart my ps2 but it...
  10. Aqua.

    Official Kingdom Hearts 3D Theory Compilation Thread created by YOU

    This thread is so that we can all come together and talk/create/discuss our theories! If anyone has a small theory which you think is so stupid and unrealistic yet idk iuno it sounds RIGHT but oh my if i make a thread for my dumb theory it'll be thrown to shredds gee i just need some help...
  11. Aqua.

    "suggestive themes" question

    yeah ill close it when done but what scenes are "suggestive" in BBS enough to earn that ? oh yeah pls use spoiler tags or w/e.
  12. Aqua.

    leveling up your drives

    i need help on this! i want to level em up but sometimes im too lazy so any tips? and tips on how and stuff~ oh yeah how do you get final form again? [im replaying the game and i reached the world that never was but no final form yet :(] i forgot how.. sorry.
  13. Aqua.

    Help/Support ► fuck you nigga i aint no fucking desperate whore

    janruary - iv loved my best friend since like janruary early may/late april - i told him i liked him a little like a month ago. [i like him more but i didn't want to freak him out] may - he said he liked me a little too. same day as above^ -then i asked one of my gay guy friends "if a guy says...
  14. Aqua.

    watson, yeah its true.. so everyone is like on the list lol

    wont bother writing anything here. lol
  15. Aqua.


    Boobquake strikes Southeast Asia - Posted lol cool...
  16. Aqua.

    Hair Thread

    i have always wanted to make this thread a thread where khians could talk about hair. how you style it, ask for help if you want to fix something bout yer hair, and even ask for suggestions about it. [the hair on your head not your nuts btw.] so after a year of not making this thread i have...
  17. Aqua.

    358/2 Fan Powered Q&A w/ Tetsuya Nomura Invterview thxheartstation no this is not fake come in here

    358/2 Fan Powered Q&A w/ Tetsuya Nomura Invterview thxheartstation no this is not fake come in here North American Square Enix Members were recently given the chance to submit questions about Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days to director Tetsuya Nomura. He answers some interesting questions regarding...
  18. Aqua.

    question to those who have played BBS no spoilers pleaaase~

    does it have theatre mode and new game +?
  19. Aqua.

    im all right if anyone's wondering

    edit: shiiiiiiit i never thought SD and SoCal would ever get earthquakes >~> i mean i have thought but like they'v never happened .__. i hope u LA and SF people are all right. and the AZ people.
  20. Aqua.

    15 year old allowed 7 year old sister to get gang raped for money

    5 charged in gang rape of girl, 7, in NJ apartment; police say victim was sold by stepsister - latimes.com what the fuck, -- btw, the men is being charged for rapping the 15 year old, but i think there's suppose to be a separate case to charge the sister for putting her little sister on the...