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  1. Killa DeX

    Help/Support ► Relationship/Date Advice

    Hey, I just wanted some of the people on khi feedback on some relationship/date stuff. Its a pretty long story and I apologize in advance. About two weeks ago I matched up with this girl on tinder, beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. I hit her up and in no time I got the number and proceeded...
  2. Killa DeX

    Help/Support ► I need help finding out whether this website is fake or not

    I have the Solo Beats by Dre that i got from best buy last May and I want to sell them and get Studios that i found on this website ---> Monster Beats by Dr Dre|Monster Headphones by Dre-50%OFF but i want to if the website is fake and if the products are fake or legit
  3. Killa DeX

    Question about Wirefly.com

    I just ordered a Droid Incredible from wirefly.com for about $76 and i was just wondering, i accepted their terms and conditions and there instant discount policy. But something about the discount policy boogles me. By accepting this Instant Savings Discount, you agree to repay $200 of this...
  4. Killa DeX

    Help/Support ► Help please im expelled from my catholic school !!!!!

    Um i just recieved a phone call from my school administration stating that i can not come for the rest of the year and next year. the reason for this is because on friday morning a boy kicked me, i pushed him and he followed me to my homeroom and began punching me. i punched him in the face and...
  5. Killa DeX

    Help/Support ► Got myself in some Deep Sh*t!

    Alright so i yesterday on my late bus i was joking around and asked this girl "would u give me a bl*wjob for 10 bucks" i said i was playing though. Today i got called to the office and my Vice Principal said she complained about me saying that, i said i was just joking around. He said he knows...
  6. Killa DeX

    Help/Support ► Ears Ringing After club

    I went to club touch in Manhattan last night and enjoyed myself but now i have ringing in my ears and its been going on for about 7 hours now, i don't want to have Tinnitus and go deaf, what should i do?
  7. Killa DeX

    How to get to level 93 in day mission mode

    like the title says im trying to get the mission but its hard help please?
  8. Killa DeX

    Is BBS too easy?

    I've seen the boss fights and everything and i think the game is too easy. The health bars for bosses are less then does of KH2 and the moves are powerful and do quite a bit of damage. I just wanted to know everyone else's opinion of BBS. Personally i think BBS is easier then KH2
  9. Killa DeX

    Lit ► Jeff Smith Annouces New "BONE"

    Jeff Smith Announces New "Bone" Projects - Comic Book Resources I hope some of you who are BONE fans are excited as i am, maybe we may actually see Boneville or this time the Bones will stay in the valley, DISCUSS
  10. Killa DeX

    Help/Support ► Mom wants a Divorce!

    My mom says she's fed up with my Dad and she wants to divorce him. After they have been married for 24 years, she wants a divorce. She says its because of my dad drinking. He drinks a little and once in a while comes home drunk but i told him today she wanted too, and he looked sad i hope this...
  11. Killa DeX

    Help/Support ► Does Anyone..

    Does anyone know how to get light and can explain to me how i can do it, im tried of being the only person i know who cant do it
  12. Killa DeX

    Keri Hilson's Album

    I just got her album and its just fire, even the songs with featured artists, people should get this.
  13. Killa DeX

    Hottest Songs of 2008

    Put your fav songs from 08 mine are Ne-yo: Miss Independent, Closer and Go on Girl. Bobby Valentino: Beep, Ray J: Sexy Can I, Beyonce: Single Ladies, The- Dream: Shawty is a 10
  14. Killa DeX

    Paper Trail

    Paper trail T.I.'s new album released Sept.30.2008 so who has it and who likes it i have it and my fav song so far is swing ya rag
  15. Killa DeX

    [music] Dennis Brown

    Any Dennis Brown reggae fans YouTube - Dennis Brown - Left With A Broken heart YouTube - Have You Ever Been In Love- Dennis Brown
  16. Killa DeX

    Any Roman Catholics

    Do we have any Roman Catholics I am one
  17. Killa DeX

    Do you think Square is going to remake any Final Fantasy games for PSP again?

    As the title says do you think that Square is going to remake anymore Final Fantasy's for PSP like they did with 1,2 and tactics because i hope they get 5,6,7, and 8 on the PSP
  18. Killa DeX

    Your favorite Metal Gear Solid Charater

    Whats your favorite metal gear solid charcter mine is Raiden
  19. Killa DeX

    [Music] T.I's new Album

    Does anyone have any info on T.I's new Album coming in August like if there are any of the songs out now
  20. Killa DeX

    Official Gran Tursimo 5 Prolouge Thread

    There wasn't a thread for this game so i decided to make one, all discussions on this game is to be said here