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  1. Goldpanner

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ Dark Road Will Shut Down May 2021

    Thank you!! And thank you to the rest of the team as you mentioned, I have had so much fun translating this series over the years. Trying to make heads and tails of the crazy turns has been a series of bright spots for me personally over a difficult few years, and you guys as well as the fans...
  2. Goldpanner

    Dark Road ► KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road, Chapter 1: Unexpected Departure

    I'm so sorry this took so long, guys. I hope you enjoy the work we did anyway, and I promise I will be more on the ball for the next updates >:)
  3. Goldpanner

    News ► KH Character Files: Short Stories - Master Xehanort, Master Eraqus, Vanitas

    I just want to say, I love that ten years have passed and you and I are still on the same page lol. ANGER AND HATE... ARE SUPREME
  4. Goldpanner

    News ► KH Character Files: Short Stories - Terra, Ventus & Aqua

    I think it's assumed because the KH2 novels included scenes that were later added to Final Mix+, so she must have received that information from somewhere...
  5. Goldpanner

    News ► A Look Back: KINGDOM HEARTS Ultimania Gallery Comments Part 1

    Honestly, I think she was supposed to have been on Destiny Island. The comment about her body may mean they made her a little childlike so she could have fit in there too.
  6. Goldpanner

    Fanfiction ► carnaval des coeurs

    Re: [FFXV] Between Sorrow and Bliss (NEW STORY) { carnaval des coeurs I have not played the game, so I didn't really get a lot of it, but I watched the anime so I know the dessert reference ;___; Also pissy baby Noctis reference; I'm glad to see him getting a moment like this...
  7. Goldpanner

    KH Novel Translations - Official Thread

    I have translated the juicy last chapter of KH3D: Side Sora, thanks to a generous commissioner! Enjoy Sora's inner thoughts as all the big reveals are made!
  8. Goldpanner

    Famitsu Interviews Nomura on KINGDOM HEARTS 3, HD 2.8 FCP, Unchained X

    No worries, guys <3 Sorry it took so long, it was just so massive!!
  9. Goldpanner

    358/2 days title meaning

    *high five*
  10. Goldpanner

    358/2 days title meaning

    i prefer to think of it as sora and roxas! discuss and show ur working (using numbers)
  11. Goldpanner

    358/2 days title meaning

    now that its been a few years since this game dropped, what are your thoughts on the title? good/clever/bad/pretentious?
  12. Goldpanner

    Comics ► Homestuck

    I can't find another thread on it so... IT'S ENDING and there will be an update every day til the 4/13! IF THERE ARE ANY FANS LEFT HERE COME YELL WITH ME PLEASE
  13. Goldpanner

    Fanfiction ► [KH] How to Leave Organization XIII

    this STILL gets me, man ahhhhhhhh thank you for writing this for me, alt-days-stories are my absolute fave and this one is so beautiful...
  14. Goldpanner

    "I'm Not Afraid of the Darkness"

    You know how much I love this meta :3 God friggen damn
  15. Goldpanner

    Fanfiction ► [BIOSHOCK] Everyday Words

    Poor Leland ;C What a good job evoking the atmosphere of Rapture. I'm really looking forward to more of this!!!
  16. Goldpanner

    News ► A Look Back: Director's Secret Report XIII

    Re: A Look Back: Director&#039;s Secret Report XIII Thank you so much :3 I really did put a lot of effort into this... I worked on it on and off for nearly two years! Lots and lots of searching through and comparing Japanese and English game scripts and wikis and cutscenes went into this :P...
  17. Goldpanner

    KH Novel Translations - Official Thread

    Oh, sorry!! So you're not from XIII Order Forums? Come to think of it, I do only remember them having Reverse/Rebirth up. Where are yours, then? I'd love to put a link on my website or tweet about it :) Wow!! You are such a powerhouse. I apologise for my oldest translations being so crappy. I'm...
  18. Goldpanner

    KH Novel Translations - Official Thread

    Oh hello!! Is it Lis? I remember those Italian translations, I always appreciated the polite way you asked me and the thorough job you did! I went and had a look on your forum and tried to read them with google translate ;) Congratulations on getting so many finished! Thank you for your support...
  19. Goldpanner

    Character's Report Vol. 2 Translations

    Ahhhhhhhh Auron ;_____; That's probably my favourite thing about Kingdom Hearts. I think they are (usually lol) so good at hitting nostalgia buttons in ways you don't expect, happy and sad. So many great tiny touches. I KNOW. It makes me irrationally cranky at the wasted potential in Days all...