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  1. Grono

    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    I really hope this is sarcastic! Seriously, though, those shield riding controls bloooooooow
  2. Grono

    Deep Dive V: What do you usually watch on TV?

    Hey, guys! A lighter topic today for sure, but I was thinking and I don't believe that this series always has to be so dire. Personally, I am usually bound to the same types of content on Netflix. If it's not a documentary about music or a comedy special, I'm probably not there watching it. As...
  3. Grono

    Deep Dive IV: What gives you anxiety? How do you cope?

    I have anxiety in front of my peers, but not my students. As a teacher, I have little to no anxieties in front of students, but one thing that shuts me down entirely is when a colleague asks me to try something mid-lesson that I haven't prepared. Want to find a good way to ruin me for a big...
  4. Grono

    New Forum Software

    Okay, thanks!
  5. Grono

    New Forum Software

    Okay, that sounds great! But, how do you highlight exactly?
  6. Grono

    New Forum Software

    Can you still multiquote users in this system? Just wondering!
  7. Grono

    Deep Dive IV: What gives you anxiety? How do you cope?

    Hello, wonderful insiders! I'm continuing today's Deep Dive with a question that's up-close and personal as always: what gives you anxiety? Now, I am a person who experiences a lot of my anxiety in my daily life. I've suspected that I have a crippling anxiety disorder for years now, as several...
  8. Grono

    Deep Dive III: What's your s*xuality?

    Hey, everybody! I don't see a whole lot of people talking about their preferences in regards to what types of people they're attracted to here, and this topic has been on my mind quite a lot recently. You see, for years I was suspecting that my preferences weren't as clear as most people's. I...
  9. Grono

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts | what stays, what fades | ch. 1

    I love it! As some constructive criticism, I would have expanded Roxas' part of the story, as the story feels less like a puzzle slowly being put together and more like a small vignette of Riku that happened to involve Roxas. Maybe a callback to Axel and Xion's fight would have been appropriate...
  10. Grono

    Help/Support ► Deep Dive II: I want to see your faces! Also body positivity!

    Yeah, luckily I've got teaching to keep me occupied. I would love to do more film composition, however. I composed a score for a peter pan short film back in the day as a project and I honestly loved it so much despite the amount of time it took to just make a rough draft of the first six...
  11. Grono

    I believe _______ is inside the black box.

    Step 1. cut a hole in a box Step 2. put your junk in that box Step 3. make her open the box and thaaaat's the waaaaaay you doooooo iiiiiiiit
  12. Grono

    Help/Support ► Deep Dive II: I want to see your faces! Also body positivity!

    I will! I do seriously need date ideas, it's been a while since I've done anything new because of the winter
  13. Grono

    Help/Support ► Deep Dive II: I want to see your faces! Also body positivity!

    That sounds really cool, Rodin! I myself have done some work in film composition, however I haven't successfully landed a paid gig scoring a film's music yet.
  14. Grono

    Help/Support ► Deep Dive II: I want to see your faces! Also body positivity!

    It's okay, I giggled at your joke! And btw that would be one fuccin thicc peach just sayin <.< She liked it a lot! She's from long island and she's never been snow-shoeing so we might be doing that next!
  15. Grono

    Help/Support ► Deep Dive II: I want to see your faces! Also body positivity!

    Actually, it's an apple! That's a photo from when I took my gf apple picking in upstate NY for the first time last fall!
  16. Grono

    Help/Support ► Deep Dive II: I want to see your faces! Also body positivity!

    Hey, everybody! I tried something called "deep dive" a while back where I wanted to discuss things that are personally important to us, the first one being what was important to our identities. (I was also proud of the title but that's neither here or there) Well, this one will be a little...
  17. Grono

    The TRUE name of Xehanort's keyblade!

    I'm pretty sure No Heart transforms the keyblade in the mirage arena from BbS! The transformations aren't super interesting, however.
  18. Grono

    The TRUE name of Xehanort's keyblade!

    I mean, maybe the gazing eye is more appropriate since there's already a canonical no name keyblade in BbS and the gazing eye just sounds way better? Like, I'm sorry, but no name just sounds like a bad name for a keyblade. I've always disliked it, especially since, again, BbS had a no name...
  19. Grono

    The TRUE name of Xehanort's keyblade!

    I've honestly been of the opinion that Luxu's joke being turned into a canonical name was kind of dumb, so having Xigbar name it something that's actually a name is fitting. I was also really not a fan of when the fan wiki made a collaborative "no name" page for three whole keyblades since it...
  20. Grono

    The TRUE name of Xehanort's keyblade!

    Hey, just wondering if anyone noticed that in Secret Report 13 Xigbar called Xehanort's keyblade "The Gazing Eye - a keyblade forged from the eye of the Master of Masters." I was really excited when I heard this, since there are many, many keyblades that don't have a name that are wielded by...