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  1. SSLaertes

    Help/Support ► 16 and looking for a pre-summer job...

    I have been thinking about getting a part-time job this month and during summer trying out full time. I was wondering if anyone had any insight for jobs I may want to check out? I rather not do fast food >>
  2. SSLaertes

    [Music] Black Tide

    Black Tide anyone? A hella insane break out band that has been in Ozzfest I believe and toured with All That Remains (ATR). Probably the luckiest band ever and they are still teenagers! =P I saw them before they released their first Album because I went to see ATR and they are just as good...
  3. SSLaertes

    Killswitch Engage

    Yeah, thats right, KSE! I have been listening to them for atleast a year now, though i can't really place a date on it. I remember picking up their album As Daylight Dies when it came out. With awesome guitar and great vocals, its very hard to pass up. They have even managed to get "My Curse"...
  4. SSLaertes

    [Music] August Burns Red

    I was wondering if anyone listens to this band. It's a hardcore band, and really I only like their CD, ever since they had a singer change their music is so much better.
  5. SSLaertes

    Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of a New World

    This is one game in particular giving me even more of a reason to get the Wii lol The sequel to the beloved Tales of Symphonia. New characters and visits from the old cast (excluding Kratos who is the narrator) as guests to the team. YouTube - Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
  6. SSLaertes

    Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

    Hey, SK, maker of Rock Band and GH3 thread on KHI XD Info Link Not to mistaken as GH4 (which I know you all are eager for this holiday season) This game goes through the historic events concerning this band as you play as Perry (guitar), Whitford (guitar) and Hamilton (bass) to all your...
  7. SSLaertes

    Rock Band- Guitar/Bass

    I decided to open up a separate thread opposed from my original Rock Band thread. This shall be just those guitar players out there. Again, just like my Guitar Hero III thread, feel free to discuss and show off [LOL at DG in GHIII for posting his GH page with his Expert scores XD]...
  8. SSLaertes

    Rock Band

    Rock Band has almost been out for a week now, and i was wondering who has gotten it yet, or isn't sure? Lol, I have to wait till the PS2 version comes out, or until I get a X360 or PS3 till i get this game, though the PS2 version should hold me over till so because I am broke like always XD...
  9. SSLaertes


    Its a very good in my opinion, and it just points out more how idiotic the Puritans were =P Who else likes it?
  10. SSLaertes

    Guitar Hero 3

    You all should know what this is by now. Just wondering who has it already and what not. I am totally digging it and the Boss battle against Lou the Devil was just awesome Yes, some awesome moments, I like to see some comments on the game and maybe a little talk about the game [advice...
  11. SSLaertes

    StarCraft: Too Old for your taste?

    Well, 2 days ago i found myself pulling Starcraft out for old times, probably because all the hype Starcraft 2 is making. I was wondering if anyone here plays it and was still interested in the spacy futuristic game. Feel free to discuss
  12. SSLaertes

    StarCraft II

    The Game... StarCraft has been a game of many loyal Blizzard fans. Even the fact that this game is almost a decade old, it still has many fans that keep true. Well, now is the day they get what they wanted. Blizzard, in the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational 2007 held in South Korea, revealed a...
  13. SSLaertes

    i was wondering if anyone knew about the rock band Thrice?

    Thrice has to be one of my favorite bands and i wanted to know if anyone knows about it and if you do what is your favorite cd?