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  1. FortuneCookie

    OMG this place is still alive? 11.5 years later

    I just reminded myself about this forum when I was reviewing my tickets for the Kingdom Hearts World Tour in Hollywood. It's so cool to see that this place is still active! I used to spend several hours after junior high reading about the latest news on KH2. A decade later and I'm still waiting...
  2. FortuneCookie

    コスプレ! ~cosplay~

    can't believe there ins't a cosplay thread around here :o edit: the hour I post this the first cosplay thread revives, nooo way I didn't see it :o oh well This will be the "Post your cosplays pics" / "Cosplays that you think are think are awesome" / ideas who you would want to cosplay...
  3. FortuneCookie

    Asian Dorama!

    My friends introduced me to "Kim Sam Soon" (kdrama) and "Gokusen" ( jdrama) and I got so into them. I started watching them as much as watched anime XD List of shows I've seen: the above 2 Kimi wa Petto Hana Yori Dango Nobuta wo Produce Devil Beside You Tokyo friends Great Teacher Onizuka Full...
  4. FortuneCookie

    Ouran High School Host Club

    I didn't see any threads for it so I made this one =D The anime is hilarious XD Basically, a poor girl named Haruhi breaks an 80,000 vase and she has no way to repay it except join this club that's only meant for guys. I'll probably say more later and I'm still waiting for a couple of episodes...
  5. FortuneCookie

    The "Type With Your Toes" Game

    ^just what the title says^ it's similar to the "Type With Your Nose" Game Example: Poster 1: *types food* food next poster types paper Poster 2: paaper nest poster types comment Rules: no words shorter than 5 letters or longer than 10 you use the backspace...
  6. FortuneCookie

    The "Type With Your Nose" Game

    ^just what the title says^ Example: Poster 1: *types panda* pandaa, next poster types blanket Poster 2: blanket nest poster types computer Rules: no words shorter than 5 letters or longer than 10 you can't look up at the screen until you're finished typing...
  7. FortuneCookie

    *SPOILERS* New videos at IGN

    http://media.ps2.ign.com/media/550/550308/vids_1.html About 12 new videos on Gummi Ships, gameplay of Hollow Bastion, Land of Dragons, Beast's Castle, Olympus Coliseum, and Disney Castle.
  8. FortuneCookie

    Riku Replica in Reverse/ Rebirth

    *last time battling Riku Replica in Twilight Town, Reverse/Rebirth* I can't change my deck cause it's "closed" and I don't get any mickey cards when I beat some of the crap out of him. Anyone have any tips to success?
  9. FortuneCookie

    Item List

    The following can be done after you lock Hollow Bastion. Blaze Gem: Fat Bandit, Bandit (Agrabah, Cave of Wonders) Blaze Shard: Red Nocturne (Monstro and possibly other worlds) Bright Crystal: Defenders (Various places; Traverse Town Hotel has about 6 in the 3rd district) Bright Gem: Search...