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  1. Nukara

    News ► Kingdom Hearts music appears at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021

    I don't know if this will be reported in the news on this site. But I was very pleased to listen to music from Kingdom hearts and Final Fantasy. The Hercules world theme was very much in the subject. And it's also nice that this Kingdom hearts franchise is gaining popularity so much that the...
  2. Nukara

    Anime/Manga ► I think people comparing the ending of Aot with the ending of GoT are exaggerating too much.

    At least the fact that unlike Got, in the Aot finale, many of the characters had their story arcs completed. (The same Levi) Reading the comments on Twitter, I am simply amazed at how toxic the fandom of the Attack of the Titans is. And I can also understand that many people don't want a...
  3. Nukara

    I'm the only one who finds it funny that we actually have another trio (Sora,, Roxas, Yozora) that are associated with a certain time of day ?

    As you know, the name "Sora" translates as "sky", the name "Yozora" as "Night sky", and regarding "Roxas", I heard somewhere that in Spanish there is a name similar to" Roxas",. and translates as" Red sky " (Red sky ,usually always associated with twilight.) Also interesting is the place where...
  4. Nukara

    Xehanort is a Player from Union cross (theory) and some more theories.

    Let me say that this theory has been discussed here before, but I would like to expand and supplement it. For starters ,we all know that Dark Road and Union cross are connected, if only by the fact that DR is formally launched through Union cross. However, it also seems to me an interesting...
  5. Nukara

    (Theory) Can the RAX trio be true traitors ?

    Although in UX ,Ventus looks like a traitor, in fact, he did not intentionally do anything wrong and did not betray his allies. And what if the Book of Prophecies had under traitors those who are not in the Era of fairy tales and not even in the Dark Road, but in the present time ? As we know in...
  6. Nukara

    Dark Road ► Some thoughts on Scala ad Caelum (Theory)

    Due to the lack of news on KH, I was not on the forum for a long time and I did not write anything for a long time, and even now there is not much new, and nevertheless, I would like to share one of my theory. We all know that Scala ad Caelum comes from Daybreak town, but what happened to this...
  7. Nukara

    Dark Road ► Problem loading in Dark Road.

    I have a problem, I can’t enter Dark Road, when I try to enter, such messages pop up to me. (Screenshots below) I also tried to update the game through "Restore Resources" but the game crashes. Despite the fact that with KHUX everything is fine with me and the game works. Help to deal with this...
  8. Nukara

    An unpopular opinion, but no matter how people justify Catdora, this is never an example of a healthy relationship.

    Sometimes the Internet strikes me, as people can sometimes run into a really good character, but justify a rather controversial character. Take the same Rose Quartz / Pink Diamond, which in the past did the wrong thing, but eventually grew above itself and did a lot of good. What we have with...
  9. Nukara

    Dark Road ► Why is Scala ad Caelum abandoned?

    If Xehanort meant those cities that we see on the horizon, why did they end up empty? What made keyblade wielders leave them? Didn't Xehanort say that Scala ad Caelum is almost the home of all keyblade users? Then why is even the city where Eraqus lives with his friends also half empty? What is...
  10. Nukara

    Dark Road ► So are Eraqus, Xehanort, Bragi, Hermod, Vor, Baldr, older students and master Odin the only students in Skala ad Caelum?

    Just looking at the whole world, it looks huge, besides, other cities on the horizon are visible, and Xehanort himself said that this is the city where Keyblade wielders live, does this mean that the characters shown in Dark Road are not the only ones?
  11. Nukara

    Is, the new KH game at Summer Gaming worth the wait?

    As I understand it, SE promised in mid-June to give new information on new KH projects? Or am I mistaken that the rumors that I heard are false and that KH Dark Road was available as new information? It's just that tomorrow will be Sony's presentation, is it worth waiting for something new for...
  12. Nukara

    The new KHDR characters may be the ancestors of the heroes we know. (Theory)

    Vor may well be Kairi's grandmother, short stature, blue eyes and blond hair. Contrary to theories about his relationship with Braig, Bragi is personally visible to me as the ancestor of Axel, red hair and short eyebrows and a very smug look very much like Lea. As for the other two, it is more...
  13. Nukara

    What happens if Roxas takes advantage of time travel and crosses into the past?

    Will he become Sora at the same time, or will he just be unable to get into the time period of the start of KH1?
  14. Nukara

    Is Darkling a heartless or new kind of dark creature?

    As far as I understand Darkling appears only from the owners of keyblade? Is it possible to call him a kind of heartless or is it just the owner of a keyblade who has been perverted by darkness, but at the same time he has not divided into neither heartless nor anyone?
  15. Nukara

    Does one bother me when people call KH the most complex and poorly written franchise of all?

    I don’t know how others do, but I generally understand the plot of KH, with the exception of some interweaving in DDD. Franchise Digimon, for example, is much more confused and has more retcons and contradictions. It’s just that people sometimes confuse the terms “bad” and “disadvantages”, and...
  16. Nukara

    Am I the only one who noticed that Sora has become a pretty attractive person?

    I had a similar situation with the Steven Universe, in 1-5 seasons he was just a cute well-fed boy, but in "Future" I started to find him a pretty attractive guy. With Sora he was just the same in KH1 just a cute kid, but in KH2 and KH3 he became very pretty. I like the fact that Sora is very...