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  1. C

    Which KH Girl is hawtest?

    Olette's got my vote Next would be Aqua of course
  2. C

    Roxas likes....

    Who would you say Roxas likes more, Namine or Xion?
  3. C


    Umm, just because Ven went into SOra, does that mean Sora's nobody would look like Ven? Or is there another reason as to y ROxas looks like Ven?
  4. C

    Xemnas regained memories?

    DId Xemnas regain his old memories? How come he knows that the armor belongs to Aqua? (or atleast an old friend) If I missed on something, sry. Still trying to catch up after playing MMO's for a while XD
  5. C


    THIS THREAD BECAME A WAR BETWEEN PS3 AND WII FANS!!! Please don't be biased like some people were. I like all 3 systems equally, so don't think I'm a Nintendo fanboy. If KH3 were on the Wii, would u get it? I would, becuz I find the Wii to be more audience friendly, and has generally more fun...
  6. C

    Fave Enemy (heartless, nobodies or Unversed?)

    I choose heartless, cuz I think KH1 and CoM were the best (bad reason, i no, but w.e)
  7. C

    Your Favorite ► Favorite Foreign Food

    I LUV Cannoli they so addicitive
  8. C

    RE: Aqua's Boobs

    RE: Aqua's Boobs Make them more clear!!! I couldnt even tell they were boobies until sum1 made a hate-thread about it. And get rid of the aladdin pic, his eyes r messed up And Kon is a gay fuck and cloud is terribly modeled and death note is gay and cosplay sux etc etc etc (hate thread)
  9. C

    Anime Girls in Hot Costumes Club

    -Post them hot girlz up -If u wanna, u can put up boyz (FOR GIRLZ ONLEH!) -AND NO COSPLAY!!!!!
  10. C

    What celeb you wanna punch?

    Old thread from way back Dr. Phil
  11. C

    What Disney World you want next?

    Oliver & Company (I dunno how that would work, but that movie ownz the shit out of everything) Or Fox & the Hound
  12. C

    Who do you want dead...

    I vote Pluto, Mickey, Peter Pan, Cloud and Chip 'n Dale, oh and Yuffie More options: Yen Sid Peter Pan Tidus Wakka Selphie Chicken Little Pete Alice Chip 'N Dale Pluto Cloud Leon/Squall Yuffie
  13. C

    More Mysteries and Crap

    1. Who/what is the voice in the very beginning of KH1 (dream world) and also comes out at the very end of KH1 (running to Castle oblivion)??? 2. What did opening the door to the light do really??? (besides bringing Sora & Riku back home) (Kingdom Hearts isn't the door to the light, since that...
  14. C

    Controversies, Myths and Mysteries

    IT'S BEEN A MILLENIUM SINCE I'VE BEEN ON THIS SITE AND FORUM!!! After interning for some manga co.'s (Mainly Tokyo Pop, Daiwon, VIZ Media. PLANNING TO STAY IN JAPAN FOR THE SUMMER TO INTERN W/ HIRO MASHIMA) NOTE: Must watch new 2010 trailer to know what I'm talking about. CONTROVERSIES 1...
  15. C

    Free Nexon Cash

    I know you may think this is fake, as did I. You don't have to do this, since Nexon cash isn't required to play Nexon games (Maplestory, Mabinogi etc). This site only requires an email, so make a fake one :) If u do want free Nexon Cash however, the banner below or in my signature. NOTE...
  16. C

    Favorite Akatsuki

    Mien is Sasori. My least favorite would be Konan. Oh, and Akatsuki is from Naruto Shippuden
  17. C

    Ar Max help

    Does anyone know the code for changing the BGM in KH2? People on youtube showed video of having no BGM, but still the sound effects, so I think it works, they're codes didn't work for me, or do I have to do something first? ALso, does anyone know how to get Hero Drinks without codes? I have...
  18. C

    Against the sequels

    Tetsuya made too much sequels/spin-offs, and kinda too fast too. Anyone here not liking them? I saw the scans of te pictures from mags, books etc, and some of the pictures look really unexplainable and might ruin the KH world. (like sora from KH1 standing next to Mickey in his KH2 suit) The...
  19. C

    Halo 3 Discussion

    Halo 3 Discussion Thread Yes, ladies and gentlemen; Halo 3 is almost upon us. What does that mean for KHI? It means we need a thread to discuss not only our love for the game, but to discuss everything about it. So here ti is. All* Halo 3 topics will be merged with this one Let's keep it...
  20. C


    I have: -Roxas(made, incomplete) -Sora(traded) -Sora[2](traded) -KH2 Sora(traded) -Yondaime(found) -Naruto(traded) -Red Ranger(traded) -Luke Fon Fabre(traded) -A whole bunch a DBZ characters(found) -Jun Kazama(traded) -Riku(traded) -Pyramid Head(made, incomplete) -Darth Vader(traded) Does...