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  1. DefiantHeart

    KHUX ► What did you like about Union X that you will miss?

    Now that the series has finally concluded. I've been reflecting on my experience playing Union X. I started ever since Chi on jp, and I still remember like yesterday, how excited I was for it coming to global. We all know the good and the bad, the delays etc. I've made my peace with the negative...
  2. DefiantHeart

    Keyblade Graveyard Future Keyblades?

    ( I'm not sure if anyone brought up this topic before, but if so, please delete or post a link to the post in here.) Seeing how we now know that the keyblades in the keyblade graveyard were basically all the ones we've gotten so far in Union X; I'm thinking that the remaining keyblades that...
  3. DefiantHeart

    Union Clash Hypothesis ( Spoilers)

    With the recent illustration of seven characters from Tetsuya Nomura, I can finally put together the concept of unions clashing together; Ava's Dandelions: Ephemer, Skuld, Ventus, versus Gula's "Bleeding Hearts:" Blaine, Lauriam, and possibly Larxene's somebody. I put Bleeding Hearts in quotes...
  4. DefiantHeart

    End-game keyblades discussion.

    Just a thread to discuss possible end-game keyblades for the future, and discuss what could possibly make them different and better then the older keyblades. I personally thought, what if they had Destiny's Embrace be the first "pure" Upright only keyblade, that can use any elemental medal...
  5. DefiantHeart

    Ever forget a friend?

    Just curious if anyone has forgotten a friend from the past, but just has this feeling that they were there. I have personally; I remember having this friend named Clair as my first friend when I was a kid, but there's also this vague feeling like I had another friend whom was a boy... but I...
  6. DefiantHeart

    Ava has multiple personality disorder?

    I've been thinking about it for some time, that Ava might just be all the Foretellers and even the master of masters. I heard before about Ava being the master of masters, but I think she's actually all seven people. One reason why is her ability to become seven separate illusions and each...
  7. DefiantHeart

    Ex medals voiced? ( Global).

    Just a thought, do chu think they'll focus voices on the EX medals? I mean if they did, it would definitely set them apart from the regular medals and make them seem more epic. I feel this could be part of why they didn't voice the medals like jp did, but the logical side of me just says, " SENA...
  8. DefiantHeart

    Goof-ups at SENA.

    So, two random goof-ups at SENA lately; them announcing key art 9 in the shop on the home screen announcement, when it was really key art 8. And now no new tweet about the new raid boss for this month like they usually do... even though they do have one. ( Almost thought they wouldn't have a...
  9. DefiantHeart

    Sora's mom is Skuld? ( Vague Hypothesis and possible spoilers.)

    This is just a random partial hypothesis I thought up while replying to Alpha Baymax's recent "Time Capsule" thread. Many people assume Xehanort's parents are Skuld and Ephemer, which is still a large possibility btw, but what about the possibility of Sora's mom actually being Skuld? Bear with...
  10. DefiantHeart

    Choosing Union Quiz.

    https://www.quotev.com/quiz/8234521/Which-Kingdom-Hearts-Unchained-X-Union-should-you-join Found this quiz randomly. Sorry if ish already been posted... I got Vulpeus unsurprisingly... ( wish they made the questions less obvious.) Seems I was destined for that union. :frown: ( I was hoping to...
  11. DefiantHeart

    Spoilers ► First and the number i.

    I've been thinking lately more and more about Xion and her name resulting as No. I. And I've begun to notice certain things... like KH II and III having their Roman Numerals designed to fit perfectly into the Roman Numeral I when chu look at it... they're really just a big numeral I, rather then...
  12. DefiantHeart

    Weird Kingdom Hearts dreams lately...

    I've had a dream about being Ava and telling the Foretellers new things, I've had another dream about being Kairi and having Xion, Axel, and Roxas sleep over at my house, I've even had a bizarre dream of seeing Sora jump around skyscrapers in a different city similar to the world that never...
  13. DefiantHeart

    Share a Coke with Kairi.

    Dad randomly got me this customized coke online, and got it in the mail today, lol. So simple and clean. ^_^
  14. DefiantHeart

    How strong is chu grackle?

    The grackle is strong with this one... The closer to the light chu get, the bigger chu grackle gets. A grackle once a day keeps old Xehanort away...
  15. DefiantHeart

    The Forgetful Lamers Club

    A club for those whom; forget a lot, have dreams of other worlds, and other lame stuff. Join and post today, become an official lamer and let the world know your lameness. :3 Member: DefiantHeart.
  16. DefiantHeart

    Kairi's training...

    I've been thinking, do chu guys think Kairi's training will be in Unchained X? Thoughts?
  17. DefiantHeart

    Ava's Speech in Back Cover Question

    I'm not sure if anyone posted this before. ( If they did, please leave a link in this thread to that discussion.) Question is: Thoughts on this? Or a link to a similar post? Sorry if I missed it...
  18. DefiantHeart

    Sora's reaction to the Keyblade Graveyard Predictions.

    How do you think Sora will react to seeing the Keyblade Graveyard? After all they're bound to eventually go there again for the final battle. I personally think he'll probably feel a mixture of sorrow for the loss of keyblade weilders and anger towards it as well. Thoughts?
  19. DefiantHeart

    What is Mew the Pokemon?

    I always thought Mew was a fetus... but my mom said she thinks ish a cat. ( I hope not cause I don like cats...) I kinda really want to know since I have a stuffed animal of it... thanks.
  20. DefiantHeart

    Best present SENA could give us for Christmas.

    The best marketing ploy SENA could do for us, would definitely have to be to give us six Mickey and Brooms for Christmas for free. Reasons being: Will help ease the negative feelings of Japan's version receiving better treatment and raise hope for more generosity for next year, shows brooms will...