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    Isa in KH3D?

    So we've seen a lot of Orginization members returning as their original selves, do you guys think that they'll bring Isa back in this game?
  2. R


    Does anyone know how to get medals fast in the Mirage Arena?
  3. R

    New English Screenshots

    Sorry if this is old news or already posted, but they were on the twitter page, here's a link: New English Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Images! - Kingdom Hearts Ultimania
  4. R

    Lea battle

    Do you guys think that it would be fun to fight Lea in Radiant Garden when Ven meets him? That would be awesome if we could, like the Riku fight in KH1 at Destiny Islands. Its to bad it probably won't happen though, just post your opinions about wheather or not you would like that and stuff.
  5. R

    Mirage Arena

    I was just wondering because I couldn't find it anywhere, is the Mirage Arena available for single player? I'm sorry if there's already a thread about it, I wasn't sure
  6. R

    Trinity Report

    Hey, sorry if there was already a thread about this, but what is the Trinity Report in BbS?
  7. R

    Two Questions

    I have two questions about BbS: Does it have a journal? And my second question is: What are the controls?
  8. R

    Do you think?

    I just want to hear peoples opinions on this, do you guys think that Leon and the others will be in BbS?
  9. R


    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I'm confused, what is the 25 character rule?
  10. R

    Has anyone noticed?

    Has anyone notived that Terra, Ven, and Aqua now have keychains?