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  1. The Transcendent Key

    Do You Think Shiro Amano Will Ever Do Manga Adaptations of Birth By Sleep, Re:Coded and Dream Drop Distance?

    This is something that I've been wondering about for a while now. I own the Days manga and recently got the first volume of the KHII manga, and I just love Shiro's artstyle, and I love how he adapts the stories of the games! The adaptation for Days was fantastic, as it added so much personality...
  2. The Transcendent Key

    I'm Excited For Luxu's Future In The Series!

    Hey, everyone, I hope you've all been doing well! I'm excited for the future of the Kingdom Hearts series, in particular, regarding Luxu! The fact he's such an important character to the overall lore of the series is something I'm very pleased with, especially with the surprising revelation...
  3. The Transcendent Key

    Could The Final World Be A Metaphorical Tree Of Yggdrasil?

    Hello there, everyone, I hope you are all doing well! This is something that just occurred to me now while reading through the replies of another thread I had made previously. So then, as many people are debating how films like Soul and Coco could fit into KH since both films deal with the...
  4. The Transcendent Key

    Could Soul Be A Good Fit For Kingdom Hearts?

    Hello everyone, I hope you all had yourselves a Merry Christmas and that you've had a safe holiday overall! So then, I watched Soul on Christmas Day, and the film was absolutely stupendous, a beautiful masterpiece and another great hit for Pixar! The film, without spoiling, dealt with the...
  5. The Transcendent Key

    Could Quadratum Pave The Way For Marvel And Star Wars In Future Games?

    Hello there, everyone! Hope you are all well! I had been thinking about something for a bit, and while in the forums here, something @KeybladeLordSora said confirmed what I had already been thinking, and that resulted in this thread! For years, we've often debated on the presence of Marvel and...
  6. The Transcendent Key

    Getting Back Into Assassin's Creed After 8 Years!

    So yeah, as the title says, eight long years! I had been a huge fan of this franchise up until Assassin's Creed III, and that entry in the franchise is the one that I stopped at, actually. You see, since Desmond died in that game, I just asked myself: "Wait, so where will they take the story...
  7. The Transcendent Key

    General ► Hello, Everyone! It's A Pleasure To Meet You!

    Good evening/morning/afternoon, everyone! My name is The Transcendent Key, or Gabriel. You can call me Gabe or Key, whichever suits you! I'm just a friendly neighborhood ultra geek with a passion for all things pop culture! Video games, anime, cartoons, live action TV series, movies, books...