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    So...what was the point?

    What was the point of the mark of the mastery exam in the context of the story? Yen Sid already knew they were more than powerful enough, and they didn't seem to gain anything from their experience in the dream scape. Any ideas?
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    Anime/Manga ► Jojo's Bizarre Adventure ("Doesn't this street look familiar?!")

    Discuss anything related to the long-running manga "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" by Hirohiko Araki here.
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    Bleach Confrontation: Espada vs A Burning Soul

    Jaakuna vs Roland Oceanier. Both are in character. Location is the Hueco Mundo dessert. I'll try not to hound you about posting, but a response within 3 days sounds reasonable. I accept powerplaying to a fair degree. I want this to look like a fight, not a series of singular attacks. Both of us...
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    Gaping Plot Hole?

    Alright, everyone, please listen while I explain this (in my opinion) gaping plot hole. You would assume that when the Heartless invade any given world they take a ton of hearts by force before taking the Keyhole and the world itself, right? After all, the Heartless had been in Traverse Town for...
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    What is Terra thinking?

    If you recall, Terra ended up as the Lingering Sentiment after being trapped in his own suit of armor at the Keyblade graveyard. Using this armor, he beats down Xehanort, then just.... stops. Alright, what is the reason for this? He said in his own words that he'd "set things right" but as far...
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    Where To Roleplay?

    I was just looking through the rp forum and It just seemed that there were so few active rps at the moment, about a dozen. I was wondering, has anyone seen any other sites where there are some good, active rps?