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  1. Hirokey123

    A theory on Darkness's plan and the MoM's plan. *spoilers*

    So now that we know that Ventus is the one that wasn't chosen, but it also seems to be clear that he didn't know he was a fake that raises the question what exactly was the purpose of adding him. He hasn't done anything, contributed to any sinister plot he's just been a perfectly average sweet...
  2. Hirokey123

    Nomura lied hard about Roxas being the biggest secret of KH3.

    Like it's just a flat out lie, Roxas was talked about constantly and in practically every in between cutscenes.
  3. Hirokey123

    Three keyblade wars and the truth of the keyblade graveyard 's past?

    So this latest trailer has left me confused about something. That new world Scala Ad Caelum appears to have the same architecture as the ruins we see in the keyblade graveyard that Xehanort lifted from beneath the ground. The most blatant place this can be seen is an almost identical elaborate...
  4. Hirokey123

    KH3: The black box and the new seven pure lights theory

    You know for awhile now I've been curious when Nomura said that someone who is perceptive may already have been able to figure out what it inside the box. For the longest time I could only think of one thing when he said that, when BBS had this repeated theme of trapping lights in a box or...
  5. Hirokey123

    A theory about the contents of the mysterious black box

    The following should be taken with a grain of salt, it's more a fun theory than anything. So I've been thinking long and hard about the mysterious black box the MoM gave to Luxu, and of course I'm not the only one. I've seen tons of theories on how it might be his heart, or lux, or the X-blade...
  6. Hirokey123

    (theory) A tale of two wars and a new idea about the meaning of the name Dandelion

    So I will warn you right now this going to come off as a crackpot theory but still it's been something I've been toying with for awhile now and I wanted to share it. It all begins with the keyblade war or rather the keyblade war we had in Chi. Having seen it happen first hand this war has...