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  1. kirabook

    End of the World and Final World

    Sorry if this has been discussed before. It's been a while since the initial release of KH3 and I did do a surface level search before posting this. I've been watching some gamers do blind playthroughs of Kingdom Hearts recently. I mean, I always do, it's a favoirte past time, but there's been...
  2. kirabook

    SPOILERS : Ven's clothes

    Not sure if this is truly a spoiler or not, but I just remembered something. In 0.2, Ven's jacket colors were switched around. I know that 0.2 was kinda a "This is kinda what KH3 is gonna look like but it's not done yet" demo for KH3, but... this seems like such a blatant error. Was it...
  3. kirabook

    Some Thoughts about Xigbar and Young Xehanort

    In this theory, I ponder weird occurrences I’ve started to notice between Young Xehanort and Xigbar while chatting with my pals. First meeting: The first time we see Xigbar and Young Xehanort together is in the Re:Coded secret ending. Xigbar unconvincingly tells Young Xehanort how scary...
  4. kirabook

    Related Worlds

    There are now 4 worlds that I feel are mysteriously related to one another. It's been discussed before in various threads Land of Departure Daybreak Town Scala ad Caelum Keyblade Graveyard Three of these worlds are 'homes' to keyblade wielders or places where they train and gather together...
  5. kirabook

    Young Master Xehanort Speculation

    Before I start this thread, I just want to say: I enjoy Xehanort as a villain. In no way am I trying to whitewash his crimes or explain away his evil. He makes a good bad guy, a guy that's fun to 'hate' (just like Vanitas). Based on this last trailer... something is just odd going on with Young...
  6. kirabook

    Aqua Quotes

    These are quotes Phantom Aqua said during her fight against Aqua (and taunting prior to that). Aqua admitted the phantom was regurgitating her own feelings and that the darkness has found the cracks in her heart and would soon take over. These are the cracks in Aqua’s heart: “I want to fade...
  7. kirabook

    Early Birth by Sleep Footage

    So, there's this rare clip of TAV on Land of Departure. Aqua is training with her keyblade in the foreground while Ven and Terra and hanging out in the back. Eventually, their attention turns to whoever is coming down the stairs and they all line up like so: It's... really hard to keep track...
  8. kirabook

    Theory: Blaine is....

    I was rewatching some blind LP's (it's a hobby) and they were watching Backcover. Suddenly, something occurred to me. The Master of Master had a favorite mysterious student that he sent away to avoid the keyblade war and told him to "Do his thing" once everything was over. Luxu's role was to...
  9. kirabook

    (SPOILERS) Melding the Past and Present (Theory)

    I’ve been thinking about the recent events of [Chi]/Union X/whatever a lot over the past few days. I don’t know how I feel about the newest reveal, but right now they can be summed up as “It’s interesting, but I don’t care enough to be happy or upset” In general, I’m not...
  10. kirabook

    DDD: Removing the Time Travel

    As much as I love the KH series as is, I also love ripping apart its plot points and coming up with ideas I think would have flowed better. This, of course, is all retrospective suggestions. One thing that I still can't completely wrap my head around from DDD is the complicated form of time...
  11. kirabook

    The New Kingdom Hearts 'Style' So far

    What are you thoughts on how the appearance of Kingdom Hearts is coming along? I think the new Toy Story world really sold it for some skeptics. Still, I think there's some tweaks and stuff that needs to be done? One of my biggest gripes I've had with the newest trailers are Xehanort and...
  12. kirabook

    Sora's Usefulness

    I’ve been pondering/waiting to see if Xehanort would still pursue Sora after he failed in KH3. Master Xehanort’s smirk when Lea prevented Sora from being possessed… there was just something about that moment. I think this new trailer could hint at Xehanort will still be pursuing...
  13. kirabook

    KHCHI/UX/Union X/Backcover should have come after KH3

    So you know, I've been thinking a lot lately about how things are going story wise for KH. If I recall correctly, Chi was the first true side game for Kingdom Hearts. It didn't have any direct plot relevance other than the story of the Keyblade War. That is an event that has already happened...
  14. kirabook

    Video Games and Concerts

    I'm not sure if this is a new trend or not, but concerts with canon backstories/information seems to be becoming more common? First we've got Kingdom Hearts concerts that are detailing the developing relationship (not romantic) between Lea and Kairi. Now I've learned that Nier is doing...
  15. kirabook

    Two Keyblade Wars Theory

    So, I was watching Birth by Sleep (for the millionth time mind you), but something just clicked for me. So, we all know about “the” keyblade war. We saw it happen at the end of [Chi] the browser game, but we’ll never get to experience it in mobile form since the game is going to...
  16. kirabook

    Theory: Terra in the RoD

    Ok, this is not really a theory and more of a discussion to work things out. Some of this is based on things stated here in this video, which of course, I highly recommend. He's always quite detailed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7swFXDbxegw But here is the 'theory': Terra and Ven are not...
  17. kirabook

    Kingdom Hearts Lore

    So, a friend and I were discussing Coded and its importance. We acknowledge that some of it is kind of important (If the idea of data and worlds inside of books is gonna be a thing, Jiminy's Journal establishes that further - Maleficent's knowledge of said books - Mickey getting clues about TAV...
  18. kirabook

    Isa Is Basically Riku

    Maybe a realization already realized to most people, but yesterday I was watching a blind Birth by Sleep walkthrough and Lea and Isa appeared. It suddenly occurred to me today, how much Isa resembles Riku in a way. Clearly Isa and Axel were best friends. Childhood friends... I'm uncertain of...
  19. kirabook

    Theme Songs and Commercials

    So, usually at some point when advertising new games, the team will at first use some instrumental version of Hikari and then eventually release the real song. I didn't have stable internet back then, nor did I pay attention to commercials, so I wanted to ask if anyone remembers when exactly...
  20. kirabook

    Anime/Manga ► Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzQ6gRAEoy0 Been a fan of Porter Robinson and Madeon for a while. I was shocked to see this and I loved it. The animation is very pretty, and I got a ton of family feels too. Family feels are good.