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    Kairi in Deep Jungle

    Ok so this has bothered me since I got the game 7 years ago, i searched and im pretty sure there isnt a thread on this (fml if there is) but in Deep Jungle when Sora first meets Tarzan after beating Sabor why does he look over and see Kairi and not say anything? He clearly sees her but when...
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    FF in BBS

    Im hoping this hasnt been done, i searched and didnt see anything but anyways, do you think theyll be any ff characters in BBS and if so who do u think will be in it or who would you like to see? also how do you think the timeline will be involved? Think we'll see some familiar faces? (Cloud...
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    MX Confusion

    Okay so i hate to say it but im having some confusion. Today me and my fellow kh fan friend were discussing kh when we realized if ansem is xehanort's (spelling srry) heartless and xemnas his nobody then how is xehanort so old? Bbs is ten years b4 kh and hes already an old man, when xemnas and...
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    So hopefully this hasnt been covered, and hopefully i havent missed this somewhere, but i was replaying kh2 the other day and noticed how incredibly similar the old mansion and Castle Oblivion are. And also i remember reading a thread about when certain objects were selected a phrase would be...
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    Mysterious Structure

    Im hoping this hasnt been covered (so i dont look foolish) but does neone have an idea of the mysterious structure terra stands upon in the kh2 secret ending?
  6. B


    chas⋅er –noun a person who engraves metal. as most people know several words flash across the screen at the end of the kh2 secret ending. Chaser is one of them. I think this could introduce a new character(s), the person(s) behind the creation of the keyblade? Or at least he or she be...
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    Favorite Tracks

    What's your favorite track in Kh2? mines the organization theme, i never tire of it lol
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    Wouldn't It Be Easier

    you know things could make alot of sense if BBS was 10 years AFTER kh instead of 10 years B4. i mean it would be easier to explain Ventus and Roxas, and explain the actual war. this isnt any kind of argument or explanation i was just wondering what people think. be gentle this is my first thread.