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  1. KH3 for the wii

    Buying A PSP just for BBS?

    I've wanted a PSP for a while, but I got a DS instead. My parents are the type who will not let me spend my own money on video game systems. It took 4 years of arguing to let me buy a PS2. So do you think it is worth it to go through arguing and spending money on a PSP to play Birth by Sleep...
  2. KH3 for the wii

    My first in a while

    I figured that I'd have another go at making sigs with Gimp. CnC please.
  3. KH3 for the wii

    Almost one year...

    Wow! In one week I will have been here for a year. I am making this thread early because I will be out of town next week and will not be able to get on a computer. I can't believe that it has been this long. I have taken a few hiatuses though. But I feel kind of separated from the KH...
  4. KH3 for the wii

    My first pop-out

    This is my first pop-out signature. It's not very good but I thought I might post it and get some (hopefully constructive) criticism. CnC?
  5. KH3 for the wii

    My First Animated Signature

    This is my first "animated" sig using GIMP and GAP. The first sig is the one I made, and the second was made for me at another forum. You can critique those sigs if you would like. And I would also like to know if the animation is ok.
  6. KH3 for the wii

    LoZ Signature

    I'm a little bit happier with this sig mainly because I cut it out better. CnC?
  7. KH3 for the wii

    PSP or New DS?

    Ok I have a dilemma here. I could either get a PSP of a new DS. I already have a DS but the touch screen in messed up. It always has pressure on the left side. I don't need the touch screen to play my favorite games though. Like FF IV. But I do need it to play Phantom Hourglass. I think it...
  8. KH3 for the wii


    The 17th (I think) season of survivor atarts tonight! Anyone else watch the show? Discuss it here. Here is the offical site. Survivor Gabon
  9. KH3 for the wii

    Epic Fail!

    Ok right now I'm extremely bored. So This is where youy post pictures of epic fails. Have fun!
  10. KH3 for the wii

    CHARGE's tuba vs. PWNED's trombone!

    CHARGE's tuba vs. PWNED's trombone! Who would win? I say CHARGE!!!
  11. KH3 for the wii

    Nick the Name Above You!

    Just like the title says. Create a nickname for the person that posts above you. Have Fun!!
  12. KH3 for the wii

    ☆ ★ The Awesomest Mari Fanclub! ★ ☆

    The Fan club of the one and only MARI!!!!! Now you may know her as Mari, Rix, Rixam, or Midnight Star. But Now bow down to her! Honorary Member -Midnight Star Members -KH3 For the Wii -Divine Light -Gildragon -Lenny264 -Nelo Angelo -SeaSaltIce Cream -Nojerom_14 -Blue Sky -Relentless Blitz...
  13. KH3 for the wii

    What's good about a PSP?

    I might try to convince my parent's to let me get one since BBS is on it. What are some good points about it that will help sway my parents? This includes games. NOTE: I'm not allowed to play M-rated Games.
  14. KH3 for the wii

    _/-~Sweet Sensation Fanclub~-\_

    The OFFICIAL fanclub of SWEET SENSATION! Members List :D - Me
  15. KH3 for the wii

    Please please please help me..

    Ok I'm stuck at the giant heartless in destiny islands. my stats are level 53, Hp 245, CP 1000. Please help me.
  16. KH3 for the wii

    Kh remade

    wouldn't it be cool if Se made remakes of Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 in the same game and put it on the wii? Personally i think it would be awesome and then they could make KH3 for PS3 and the wii and everyone is happy!:thumbsup: (Except for 360 fans):toungesmile:
  17. KH3 for the wii

    releases and rumors

    has anyone heard any recent rumors of a Kh game for wii or a release date for 358/2 days
  18. KH3 for the wii

    BBS hype

    to me it seems that out of the 3 new games that BBs is reciving all of the hype. How many of you think that it will be another KH2( a lot of hype then not meeting expectations)? personally i think it is heading down KH2's path
  19. KH3 for the wii

    who would want...

    Who would want a Kh game for the wii. (not trying to start a consle war) im just curious about how many people would want it. even if it was just a spinoff game?
  20. KH3 for the wii

    New ideas

    spread your new ideas for KH# and other KH spinoffs here! mine is that they make a KH! from riku's and mickey's perspectives w/ a co-op mode