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    things in kh that kh2 missed.

    wow so this was 2 minutes wasted of my life
  2. I

    =O mickeys first ever words were hotdog XD

    =OO DISNEH IS T3H UUUBER SUBLIMINAL MESSENGERS!! eternity moon told me about the pic XD it was on wikipedia
  3. I

    Kingdom Hearts II Volume 2. The Destruction of Hollow Bastion Confirmed

    atie well then i absolutely cant wait! i finally got the kh manga's vol 1-3 in english at anime north in toronto last month
  4. I

    Kingdom Hearts II Volume 2. The Destruction of Hollow Bastion Confirmed

    mm i c... is it out in like chapters? lol or ANY local bookstores?
  5. I

    Kingdom Hearts II Volume 2. The Destruction of Hollow Bastion Confirmed

    volume 2? what was vol. one? ive been outa the loop lately with finals and everything at school
  6. I


    well i have no idea where else to post this but ZOMFG! this chick is an amazing carpenter if she really is the one who created them keyblade!!!!
  7. I

    Where were the behemoths?

    ^^^^^^^^^ complete and total spam dont do it again and close this thread you already know the answer
  8. I

    Where were the behemoths?

    omg.. that scene was cut out. it just turned into the 1000 heartless battle. alot of people have asked about that along time ago. use the search button next time if u want info like that
  9. I


    just go to xaldin's and shady's video guide it has everything so thread is pointless close it
  10. I

    limited edition KH:GBA SP!

    whoa can i get that anywhere else other then ebay?
  11. I

    Kh2 reality show.

    lol burning teh orphanage.... he he
  12. I

    Sanctuary Remix Part II!

    sweet i never heard the first one but this is pretty cool
  13. I

    Who's hair is better?

    cloud's hair pwns... but like reno's hair better
  14. I

    song i wrote

    k so at the moment i dont have a beat so its more of a poem but once i get a beat it'll be a song. and its not completely finished yet so i'm still working on it ========================================================= Loving You More Then You’ll Know That smile, that beautiful smile...
  15. I


    n00b.... i watched someone beat him at lvl 39. all he needed is block was block b/c he didnt heal even once. and he only got hit twice. just keep blocking when he starts a combo, after the combo smash him and repeat. everyone already knows how to stop his bigger moves like sin harvest. and...
  16. I

    kh2 if you were gay

    If You Were Gay kh2 video with roxas and axel XD!!
  17. I

    favorite organization XIII member AND there wepon?

    axel: b/c hes really cool an dplus im cosplaying him for anime north XD but i like luxords weapons: cards! b/c i know how to throw them so it can cut your skin! muwhahah! fear me! the killer card thrower!
  18. I

    Does anyone know how do beat Demyx, (or the water guy)

    he was hard b/c i couldnt beat the water forms the first 2 times then i beat him
  19. I

    Does anyone know how do beat Demyx, (or the water guy)

    lol i had to fill mine up to so i added "maybe you should.." lol ...yea u can when u drive your hp bar goes all the way up
  20. I

    Face in cave in KH1

    when i first played kh1 i kept looking at the drawings and wondering what they were of =P and i didnt know that was ansem that appeared XD!!!