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    Kingdom Hearts II New Scans!!

    ALRIGHT!! Now I believe teh POTC rumors...
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    kh2 on ps3?

    No one has a PS3...
  3. U

    kh2 on ps3?

    Leave the kid alone It was a legitimate question and you're the only one complaining about it. No its coming out for PS2, deffinately.
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    what was the most dramatic part of kh?

    When Sephiroth is voiced by Lance Bass...*shakes fist Angrily*
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    Funniest line in Kh

    Hooray for subtitles during cutscenes!!!
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    Funniest line in Kh

    Ansem: For you see, Darkness is the Hearts TRUE essence... Sora: THASNAHTROO!! Sorry Ive always found sora's lien there exceptionally funny... heh heh heh... Y'all ain't laughin though...
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    *Jack Sparrow Confirmed!*

    Now there's some flawed logic, let us take in for example Prince of Persia, its sequal Warrior Within had an "M" rating where as the Original had a "T". So there's no garuantee what the rating will be until its looked at by the People who give games these rating(cant remember the organization)...
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    Christmas town, Netherworld?

    You left out Yom Kippur Town...;)
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    hey!if tidus was a kid in kh should'nt auron be one too?

    Not to mention the fact that **SPOILERS** for those who haven't played. Auron has been dead for quite some time before the Events of FFX took place. I believe about 10 years dead to tell you teh truth... **SPOILERS END** But you have to remember that KH doesn't have anything to do with...
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    help me plz plz plz

    Yeah thats a good stretegy for it.
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    Help: Mystery Goo

    The best Way Ive found to get mystery goo is to go to any world and locate the Blue Mushrooms, once you do cast Aeroga (or the Highest you have) and then begin to hit the little bugger. be sure to have a lock on it or you'll lose sight of it, thus allowing him to fall to the ground, making him...
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    help me plz plz plz

    Dont worry about it. Just keep trying, you'll eventually get it.
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    help me plz plz plz

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    help me plz plz plz

    no the others. you gave him a straight answer
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    Favorite Sora outfit?

    Re: favorite uniform? Sora KH2, after Goofy Fusion. Sora KH2 Sora Halloween Town
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    help me plz plz plz

    I absolutely love it when people exaggerate to make them seem better than others. And to the rest of you leave the poor kid alone. So he's havin some trouble, big deal. Give him the information he needs without the condescending overtones.
  17. U

    2 things

    the best way to avoid that is to super glide over to where he is and beat the living crap out of him before he finishes his "spell-casting as it were". At least thats what I do...
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    3 secret keyblades!

    All of your who are asking for screenshots are just going to be dissappointed, because you aren't going to get anything, you could try a google/yahoo image search for each one but you will not, and I repeat NOT get what you are looking for. This is a farce and who ever decided to make up this...
  19. U


    100 KH/75 Com
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    3 secret keyblades!

    Wow I can't believe I even wasted my time with writing this post...Dont you think something liek this would have been in the "secret section" of the strategy guide? I dont have a copy myself but I believe there is one. And yeah who ever decided to try and waste people time on this is a jackass.