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  1. KeybladeMasterJr

    Didn’t get a chance to...

    So who are the new princesses of heart? choose your pick
  2. KeybladeMasterJr

    New KH games in future?

    Kingdom Hearts series creator and director Tetsuya Nomura recently spoke with Denegki OnlineKINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory. Thanks to goldpanner, Now, we want to ask about the KH series as a whole. KH3 served as a punctuation point in the plot, but there are still unresolved characters and...
  3. KeybladeMasterJr

    For laughs lol

    (May contain spoilers for people new to KH)
  4. KeybladeMasterJr

    KH Union X Avatar Ideas

    Duel wield Sora with accessory keyblades and Roxas
  5. KeybladeMasterJr


    Like from all the past games
  6. KeybladeMasterJr

    Why not?

    How come they were in the game but not playable, even in KH2 we got to get a drive form of his KH1 outfit, yes I know there was the KH2 form, all I’m suggesting for future KH games or related is to have skins, which would be pretty cool in my opinion.
  7. KeybladeMasterJr

    About Riku’s arm in KH2

    Notice Riku has a cast? This is how
  8. KeybladeMasterJr

    Keyblade Wielder Armor

    Was hyped to see it in Dark Roads and heard there a union armor but since I’m barely new to the app I’d like to see a return, who’s with me! 😁
  9. KeybladeMasterJr

    KH MOM Bundle with Letter

    When will this release in the English store or is this a Japanese Exclusive? https://store.jp.square-enix.com/sp/kh_mom/index.html
  10. KeybladeMasterJr

    Dark Road ► Wha happened to Dark Road

    It’s ends with Xehanort leaving and we know he’s going to meet the master of masters but is that it? I was hoping for like a in depth look into his life all it did was show is all his classmates died and did they find the upper classmen?
  11. KeybladeMasterJr

    The Future of KH

    In my opinion it just seems like the director of Kingdom Hearts ended the Dark Seeker Saga to early and KH3 before DLC was just half baked, yes it brought back classic characters we love, yes it has amazing graphics but it didn’t have classic worlds we could go back to, it had far more better...
  12. KeybladeMasterJr

    Worth $200?

    Square Enix will be releasing a special bundle set for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory along with the Kingdom Hearts 3 Soundtrack that will come with an extra CD with 2 exclusive songs from Melody of Memory! #KH3 Release Date: November 2020https://bit.ly/33WD8Z5
  13. KeybladeMasterJr

    Agrabah in Union X

    Like seriously? How many times do we have to go back to this place to help Aladdin find his dang pet monkey! 😤 anyway hope after I finish this mission I don’t come back here or I’m just going to stick to playing KH3
  14. KeybladeMasterJr

    Ventus Importance

    When I played BBS and saw Ventus and how he was important to forging the X-keyblade and hearing he was in Union X Cross, I thought he would have a more important role in KH3 but was sorely disappointed...like the game didn’t even explain how he is still young in BBS and how master xehanort...
  15. KeybladeMasterJr


    I did not make this...
  16. KeybladeMasterJr

    No one likes Sora

    From what I heard, it seems Tetsuya Nomura wanted Kairi as the main character and to have Sora die either in the begging or during the series but since KH3, it seems he got his wish, I mean why dose everyone hate Sora so much? First he was the delivery boy, then everyone gets a keyblade and now...
  17. KeybladeMasterJr

    Worth Pre Ordering

    On Amazon for cheap (compared to square enix website) for physical copy or get the psn digital with the theme? Please help
  18. KeybladeMasterJr

    I said it once, I’ll say it again

    This is proof we could have gotten hd games of previous KH series especially in the KH collection, sure not the unreal engine but there is still time, so let’s just hope for it
  19. KeybladeMasterJr

    Treasure Planet

    Anyone wonder why this movie never made it into Kingdom Hearts?
  20. KeybladeMasterJr

    If only...

    They Unreal Engine Previous Kingdom Hearts games or else fans will 😂