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Search results

  1. the red monster

    Disney Animated Series in Kingdom Hearts

    Only care for ducktales
  2. the red monster

    Your top three returning Disney worlds

    Pride lands with lion king 2 storyline. halloween town. toy box.
  3. the red monster

    Leaked KH4 and KHUX for PC

    it's safe to assume the leak is real. but it doesn't mean the games will ever get a public release. they were at least worked on at some point. we also don't need a list to confirm we getting something next year, it's basically a given.
  4. the red monster

    Leaked KH4 and KHUX for PC

    i mean people assumed BBS was KH3. so it might be same case here.
  5. the red monster


    Nintendo's prices will go up whenever they release switch 2. they would've done it now if they could. i'm fine with native ps5 games being 70$. i bought rift apart, and i felt it was worth it. but cross-gen costing 70$? heck no. i will wait for them to drop to 60$ or below (via sale) as they...
  6. the red monster

    Leaked KH4 and KHUX for PC

    Announcement for the anniversary doesn't mean it will have to be released at the same year. DQ XII got revealed but no footage. same with the next sonic game. we getting logo drop at the very least. i personally think UX remake is our 2022 game and KH4/Veurm vex 2023
  7. the red monster

    Leaked KH4 and KHUX for PC

    March 28 can't come soon enough
  8. the red monster

    The Problem with the Master of Masters' Identity Theories

    Not to mention it will take away all the effect of sora being "special ordinary boy" that just want to save his friends.
  9. the red monster

    The Problem with the Master of Masters' Identity Theories

    I want him to be new OC at this point. since the other option is another version of sora which nomura will consider it as huge twist but really boring one.
  10. the red monster


    Forspoken's gameplay is enough for me to buy it. looks fun as heck.
  11. the red monster

    "Leak" season

    Melody of memory. but it was square's fault.
  12. the red monster

    "Leak" season

    yeah. no leaks for XVI too, before and after the reveal. looks like they know how to keep things under wraps.
  13. the red monster

    "Leak" season

    People will start mocking the series for being a mobile franchise
  14. the red monster

    "Leak" season

    Hmm the post was removed so no idea what the leak is about. either way, if the next game is a card game there will be riots.
  15. the red monster


    On PC you don't need to pay to unlock extra graphical settings. it's only worth it if the 3D audio and dualsense implementations are REALLY well done. (rift apart tier for example) GoT upgrade is 10$ and it's trash. they better make it worth while if they asking extra for it.
  16. the red monster


    Forspoken day 1. GoW will buy on sale or something, because the 10$ upgrade is bs and i ain't supporting this. otherwise pretty meh. spider-man is too far away to get hyped about.
  17. the red monster

    Do remind abilities overwrite previous ones?

    I remember both finishers being activated. i got magic flash and the other one randomly speed slash will be active too
  18. the red monster

    A Game/Movie about the Master of Masters' Past and Origin

    I think making something like episode ardyn from FFXV is the best way to go about it.
  19. the red monster

    Can we talk about the cricket....

    He will be the true final boss of the series
  20. the red monster

    Where and when do you think the next Kingdom Hearts will be announced?

    2022 march reveal with early 2023 date (maybe the same date used for KH3 and ReMind) sounds reasonable