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  1. sifero

    The Sercet Ending

    i don't have Kingdom Hearts and I don't remember the se:confused:cret ending. Can anyone tell was it was again?
  2. sifero

    The new keybaldes

    Anyone know what the chainless keyblades are called. I call them as the following Terra's- The Supreme Knight Ven's- Mecha Weapon Aqua's- Mage's Magic Dark Solider's- Dark Heart Elder man's- Orginal Dark Keyblade anyone got any better name?
  3. sifero

    Dark Solider

    Who has the best theory about the DS. Sifero's(Me) is that the Keyblade master use to be a good guy but, during a battle he was about to die but, he submitted to the darkness. His heart was strong so he didn't turn into a heartless but, his darkness was able to form by itself and walk among the...
  4. sifero

    Aqua's Keyblade

    I just re-watch the Birth By Sleep trailer and I can't seem to find a good shot of Aqua's Keyblade. Can anyone describe it for me?
  5. sifero

    No XIV

    Alright, the 14th member came to known in 358/2 days but, not in Kingdom Hearts 2. Who can give me the best theory about what happen to the 14th member? (And don't say she died, that is most people are going to say)
  6. sifero

    Kingdom Hearts & Castle Oblivion

    I have a question about the door of kingdom hearts and castle oblivioin. Alright, at the end of kingdom hearts sora and riku closed the door to kingdom hearts. Then, in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories on riku's story, riku wakes up in a empty place and then appeared in castle oblivion. My...
  7. sifero

    Terra/Aura and Sora not conneted

    Can someone help me out here. My friend and I were discussing Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and he said "Aura could be Sora's Mother or Terra could be Sora father." I told him that can't be true and he said why not? I didn't say anything, then he made a bet, if i can find some logical prove that...