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    Help/Support ► Question To Girls on the Site

    Pfft, if a friend of mine tells me that he has a crush on me, I usually get severely annoyed. It depends on his intentions though. Like, if he's telling you because he wants to pursue it, then it's okay, kinda. If he tells you, but he doesn't plan on acting on it, then it's just annoying...
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    Help/Support ► I don't know how to take this...

    Obviously: He was cheating on you. He's now cheating on her. He doesn't love anyone, end things now. :/
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    Help/Support ► Problem with friend's mental health

    For starters... Tell her to wear a rubber band around her wrist. Anytime she feels like cutting, tell her to snap the rubber band. I know it sounds really simple and stupid, but it's helped a lot of the people I know who cut. Also, I don't think it should be taken so lightly... I mean a...
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    Help/Support ► Dissocial Personality Disorder

    Going to the doctor =/= shoving pills down your throat. At least find out if you even have it. They're not going to forcefeed you anything. It would be a lot easier for everybody to take your melodromatic speeches if there was actually a basis for them. For the sake of KHI, see a doctor...
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    Help/Support ► Random Rantings that no One Has to Read

    Girl: Love is for movies. I am for real! Grr, grr. Friends: Let's set girlfriend up. Girl: Whaa/a//aa?!?!! I don't want this! (Actually, I do) Boy: Oh, she apparently doesn't want this, I say no. Friends: Oh well. Girl: Hey, that guy rejected me, he's super cool. Friends: ...
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    Help/Support ► Dissocial Personality Disorder

    Silh beat me to it. Whiner. Admit it, you won't go to a doctor, 'cause he might tell you that you DON'T have this mysterious disorder.
  7. T

    Help/Support ► A little help

    Well, I know you chose weight training, but for future reference, you probably want to try and figure out if your school actually HAS good computer classes, because a LOT of schools will just be like, "THE MOUSE IS AN INPUT DEVICE" and that's all you'll learn for the whole semester. But it's...
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    Help/Support ► T^T why does this have to happen to me...?

    You should self-medicate with alcohol. Oh, I mean, you should realize that you're only twelve... So yeah, he's gonna get another girlfriend. And just treasure the memories, I guess, because you probably won't care that much when you look back on this. Like, you'll see that it wasn't as...
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    Help/Support ► I dont want to be a sister again!

    Maybe you could just realize that it's not YOUR womb, so your opinion doesn't matter? One of my sisters is like 13.5 years younger than me, and you know what? You actually don't have to spend much time with them if you don't want to. Go to school. Do something with your life other than whine...
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    Help/Support ► ummm what exactly do I do if...

    Tell him you're a lesbian. D: Just kidding. Uh, just set him straight from the beginning. "Lol I don't like you, but we could be great friends." I dunno.
  11. T

    Help/Support ► Anyone simple question then Im gone for awhile again

    o: I think maybe you're the only one who got worked up over it in the first place... But... Yeah, take care, okay.
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    Help/Support ► Anyone simple question then Im gone for awhile again

    I was actually referring to Stooge's post when I said that someone made a point. So... Yeah.
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    Help/Support ► Anyone simple question then Im gone for awhile again

    Wtf? I'm not a world famous poster. Almost no one knows me. Thanks anyway? I like your thread. "I need help, I'm socially awkward!" And then when someone raises a point or maybe cracks a joke, it's: "YOU DON'T KNOW ME, YOU DON'T KNOW ME, YOU DON'T HAVE A LIFE, GET OUT!"
  14. T

    Help/Support ► Anyone simple question then Im gone for awhile again

    Wait, are you the one with bad skin, or is she? ...Nevermind. She's out of your league either way.
  15. T

    Help/Support ► Anyone simple question then Im gone for awhile again

    Lawl. I was like, "Man, everyone's being such a jerk to this guy, maybe I'll go be nice now." But then I saw your posts. And I was like, "Nevermind."
  16. T

    Help/Support ► Anyone simple question then Im gone for awhile again

    Whoa there, buddy. Slow down. You've only just started talking to her. Direct eye contact might be a little too forward.
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    Help/Support ► Why is it never me?

    Trumpets are BA. My sister plays the trumpet. I play percussion, including drumset, and everyone likes to have a real nice cow about THAT, but you have to respect other instruments. Don't mock the trumpet. And it's used in PLENTY of the popular crap music I'm sure YOU listen to. You just...
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    Help/Support ► Ugh. Im moving for the first time

    Shut up. You haven't even moved there yet, so you don't know WHICH life you prefer. Get a life. If you say you're a social person, than you'll either be great in a small town, or you'll come off as a fag. It's called life. Tons of people move. They don't whine about how they're worried...
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    Help/Support ► Why is it never me?

    ._. No, I love band. D: Even though I'm a Percussionist. :3 Anyway, yeah, just lock into a similar interest and go from there. Talk to a girl like a friend, and then once you've established some sort of relationship, go for it. XP JUST DON'T BE CREEPY. :D