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  1. Mexican Sora

    Orlando Jordan

    Orlando Jordan
  2. Mexican Sora

    Why does this game exist

    Literally nobody asked for this. I would have rather taken more DLC for KH3 or a console adaptation of KH UX. Am I the only one alone i thinking this?
  3. Mexican Sora

    Chess YMX & Time-traveling YMX

    I'm probably super late to the boat but as everyone knows, the YMX that we see playing chess with Eraqus has silver/grey eyes and rounded ears while Time Traveling YMX has the typical Nort features (yellow eyes\pointed ears). What bothers me is that we were led to believe that Time Traveling YMX...
  4. Mexican Sora

    Hola amigos! The Mexican Sora is finally here!

    I'm the mexican Sora from a different worldline. The Sora that Nomura has kept seeeeecret. *laughs in spanish* But seriously, I've been lurking these boards as a guest around the time BBS was announced for the PSP. Have played every game in the series since the good 'ol PS2 days and know the...