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  1. Ernest-Panda

    Direct translations of Japanese KH stuff?

    Would anyone happen to know where I can find direct translations of Japanese KH dialogue? I’ve always been curious to see if there are any fun differences from the official English dialogue to look out for. Just cutscene stuff would be fine enough, but gameplay dialogue (battle grunts, etc.)...
  2. Ernest-Panda

    “I was today years old when I learnt...” - the personal KH discoveries thread

    Have you ever discovered a detail, or a gameplay feature in a KH game that you’ve gone years without knowing about? For example, I never knew until fairly recently that Peter Pan can revive you in KH2.
  3. Ernest-Panda

    News ► New Kingdom Hearts Events have arrived in Disney Emoji Blitz!

    Kingdom Hearts has returned to the mobile game Disney Emoji Blitz! First, throughout today (June 22nd), you can replay the old Multi-Map Clear Event used to promote KH3 back in 2018, complete with another chance to earn the Sora and Aqua emojis. Then, from June 23rd-27th, you can play the...
  4. Ernest-Panda

    A Pokemon shower thought...

    Mew is the only other Pokemon besides Ditto that can transform. Which means Mew could transform into a Ditto, and vice versa. This effectively blurs the line between the two. How do we know if we’re dealing with a Mew pretending to be a Ditto, or a Ditto pretending to be a Mew? How do they...
  5. Ernest-Panda

    Describe a western animated series badly~

    Like the anime one, but for western shows. A gang of toddlers are criminally neglected by their parents. A blue cat lives inside an acid trip. The universe continually screws over a teenager with a head that looks like an airpod, while her housepet torments an old man. Monster-hunting on a...
  6. Ernest-Panda

    “Kingdom Hearts be like...”

    Making friends in real life: spending time with and getting to know each other over a long period of time. Making friends in KH: “Hi there! I guess we’re friends now!”
  7. Ernest-Panda

    News ► Samuel E. Wright, voice of Sebastian from The Little Mermaid, has died

    https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/samuel-wright-dead-sebastian-crab-little-mermaid-1234959014/ Mr. Wright died on Monday after a three-year battle with prostate cancer, aged 74.
  8. Ernest-Panda

    Film ► Unpopular Disney opinions!

    These are ordered from most to least likely to get me murdered in my sleep 🙃 The Lion King is super overrated. It’s a good movie, but nowhere near the standard of which people seem to hold it to. I feel like the laws of its universe is a bit flawed. Why are all the animals below the lions...
  9. Ernest-Panda

    KH references and cameos in other media?

    Have you ever spotted a sneaky cameo or explicit reference to Kingdom Hearts in films, TV, comics, etc? They’re pretty rare, in my experience, but I have seen at least one, in The Big Bang Theory, of all places! In the season 4 episode “The Justice League Recombination”, when the gang are at...
  10. Ernest-Panda

    Just for fun: more KH characters in Disney Emoji Blitz

    Does anyone else here play Disney Emoji Blitz? I’m addicted to it lol For those who may have missed it, the game had an event to mark KH3’s release a couple of years back in which you could unlock Sora and Aqua emojis. Even Disney’s “As Told by Emoji” series got in on the action. Sadly, the...
  11. Ernest-Panda

    What animals would Sora and co be in Zootopia?

    What the title said. If it appears in a game with multiple protagonists again, it’d be interesting if they played with the different animal sizes so that the player can experience the same locations in different ways. For example, Sora could be a “medium-sized” animal similar in height to Nick...
  12. Ernest-Panda

    Caption the avatar above you!

    Give the avatar above you a funny caption. Simple.
  13. Ernest-Panda

    Film ► Disney shower thoughts

    How did the Japanese dub of Lilo & Stitch handle the fact that Nani’s name is literally the Japanese word for “what”?
  14. Ernest-Panda

    Film ► Obscure animated film thread (recommend and discuss!)

    I’ll be coming back to post some more, but I’ll start with a childhood favourite of mine that I recently revisited... HELP! I’M A FISH (Known as A Fish Tale in the US, apparently) PREMISE: Three ordinary kids meet an eccentric professor who has been working on a potion that can turn human...
  15. Ernest-Panda

    KH PC version anti-piracy software (FAKE)

    If you like the game, buy it or die 🙃
  16. Ernest-Panda

    The alleged reason why Billy Zane didn’t come back?

    This TV Tropes page claims that there was a reason Billy Zane didn’t reprise his role as Ansem in future games. To sum it up, he starred in this really controversial movie that was blasted as being “anti-American propaganda” or something, with all the actors who appeared in said film, including...
  17. Ernest-Panda

    Film ► Media that traumatised you as a kid

    We all have that one TV episode, or that one movie scene, that just absolutely messed you up as a kid. Or maybe it was a video game? Or maybe, even, your childhood imagination was vivid enough that a book freaked you out? Let’s look back and laugh and/or wince at them! ... Let’s talk about...
  18. Ernest-Panda

    Greatest Kingdom Hearts shitposts

  19. Ernest-Panda

    Andreas Deja (Disney animator) appreciation thread!!!

    Disney animator Andreas Deja is a bonafide gay icon. Not only is he an amazing artist in general, but he’s also been head animator and character designer on many Disney characters. It’s been discussed that his sexuality has been an influence on some of his characters, and, well... If you...
  20. Ernest-Panda

    The Final Fantasy in KH thread

    Let’s talk about Final Fantasy in Kingdom Hearts, baby! What characters do you want to see, or see more of? Do you want more FF rep in future games, or less? Like the KH world thread, I threw together a list of every Final Fantasy character who has appeared in the series so, divided by their...