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  1. ShardofTruth

    KHUX ► Offline mode

    At the very least they could've added the Moogle O' Glory cutscenes, since they were already in KHUX, that's just lazy. They also took away some costumes pieces I saved over from KHX, it's a shame they weren't part of the data backup.
  2. ShardofTruth

    KHUX ► The Book of Prophecies

    I think that's a possibility. Another interpretation is that the Keyblade War, the foretellers liked to avoid, was actually Sora's war (alluded this way in KH3) and the Keyblade War of the Foretellers was never described in detail. In the last KHUX update the MoM admitted that the BoP is not...
  3. ShardofTruth

    KHUX ► Now that UX has officially ended, how would you like to see the story preserved after the app shutsdown?

    Remaking the game in UE is a tremendous task,I think that's wishful thinking, if they don't cut a lot of content at least. Either way in my opinion everything is still there: Lots of enemies, lots of worlds, lots of different attacks, even more avatar costumization than Re:coded and a good...
  4. ShardofTruth

    KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Finale

    I get the the Player = Xehanort arguments but the time frame doesn't seem to fit at all. Have we entered "Unbirth theory" territory again?
  5. ShardofTruth

    KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Finale

    This part of Scala ad Caelum looks more Victorian to me, versus was far more modern, especially the buildings.
  6. ShardofTruth

    KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Finale

    What a heart wrenching finale, I hope the story gets the game it deserves someday, third time's the charm.
  7. ShardofTruth

    (SPOILERS) KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Final: Part 1

    I still don't get the connection between the Keyblade Graveyard (or Badlands), Daybreak Town and Scala ad Caelum. During the Keyblade War segment of [chi] the badlands are simply the location where the union war takes place. There are no ruins of Daybreak Town to be seen and it's kinda implied...
  8. ShardofTruth

    Kingdom Hearts Union X end of service and release of offline mode postponed to June 17, 2021

    It's so strange that they are shutting down all content bit by bit. I mean how hard is it to create a raid event or a pvp season? It's all copy and paste anyway, just bring back old events. Or release an editor so we can make our own content.
  9. ShardofTruth

    (SPOILERS) Union X: The World's End

    Thanks for the videos Sign. It's still strange to me that some one looked at the translation and said: Yes, lifeboat is absolutely fitting in this situation. The seven crowns sounds like the next major plot device.
  10. ShardofTruth

    (SPOILERS) Union X: The World's End

    My best guess is that it was always the plan to drag out the Global version longer (which happened in the end even if it's only an additional month), since the Japanese version didn't make any money anymore anyway. The mismanagement of KHUX is truly astonishing. Besides the story and some new...
  11. ShardofTruth

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ Dark Road Will Shut Down May 2021

    KHUX being theater mode only is such a cop out, they could keep the quests and most mechanics by simply changing the currency from jewels to lux. It wouldn't make the game a super enjoyable experience either but at least it would be preserved in some kind of way. I think it's the least they can...
  12. ShardofTruth

    2/22 Union χ JP Update: Premium Quests, Event Updates

    The Opera enemies use French color names, with the Apricot Opera called Jaune Brillant Opéra in Japanese and the new one called Vert Brillant Opéra.
  13. ShardofTruth

    News ► Kingdom Hearts is coming to PC! Releasing March 30 exclusively on the Epic Games Store

    Hmm, I didn't expect anything and yet I'm still let down.
  14. ShardofTruth

    News ► Kingdom Hearts is coming to PC! Releasing March 30 exclusively on the Epic Games Store

    Finally, although I don't like that it's only on EGS and all games are full-price no less. I wonder what that means for future SE ports like the FFVII remake. I still don't like the idea of console-exclusive Keyblades, even if it's probably another Star Seeker re-skin with the Second Form E...
  15. ShardofTruth

    News ► New TWEWY countdown website launches

    Again with the sequel baiting, if it's another port I hope we'll see it on Steam this time around.
  16. ShardofTruth

    Dengeki: Nomura discusses OST, MOM, Kingdom Hearts going on break

    So no new KH game next year, that's fine I guess. Even if they ruled out a song DLC for MoM from the start I still wished they were more party customization options to unlock instead.
  17. ShardofTruth

    News ► Dark Horse to publish Kingdom Hearts Ultimania: The Story Before Kingdom Hearts III

    I couldn't find any info about the file size but you're right, if they are too small then there is really no sense at all in buying the digital versions.
  18. ShardofTruth

    News ► Dark Horse to publish Kingdom Hearts Ultimania: The Story Before Kingdom Hearts III

    In different news some of the Japanese Ultimanias are available digitally now: I'm waiting for a consensus on the translation quality before I order the English version. It's still a good choice to start with this one, even though it's already slightly outdated now.
  19. ShardofTruth

    Dark Road ► 10/26 Dark Road Update: Sora HT, Halloween Free Battle, Reward and Shop Adjustments

    I'm glad for the key bulk buying option (even with a discount), I hope an accessory bulk crafting option follows suit.
  20. ShardofTruth

    News ► Interview Excerpts: The reason why Melody of Memory has story stems from KH Mobile

    But what is the story of Card Struggle? I need to know now. Also he's complaining about the number of characters, yet KHUX/KHDR constantly introduces complely new ones.