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    Fanfiction ► Fan Fiction Etiquette: MOD FLAMMIT, USE IT!

    HEY. YOU THERE. Think you got brains? Think you got guts? Think YOU got a storyline? THINK YOU GOTTA LIFE? >_> THINK AFREAKIN'GAIN! I've seen WAY too much audacity in this section lately. Especially since I think I spelled "audacity" wrong. >_> Ahem. Now, for the usual intro...
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    Fanfiction ► Do YOU speak Fan Fiction?

    HEY ALL. ._. -cough- THE FAN FICTION DICTIONARY!!! Brought to you in astounding Technicolor! By: Thelonepickle (Who freakin' pwns teh lamers) Okay, here's the point of this thread: I'm really bored. And people here have been asking questions about what certain things mean - I...
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    Fanfiction ► Calling All Winged Mirage Fans!

    First of all, this may be the first time I've used an exclamation point in a Thread Title before. ._. Second, I have bad news for you. It's not too bad... Well, it is, but DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER! >.< Unless the Messenger spelled that wrong, in which case, shoot away. >.O; Thirdly...
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    Cloud_Unchained: SINGING SENSATION!

    C_U, a man (*coughsputteryeahrightcough*) who has captured the hearts of many (*dies*), has many talents. He's a writer. He's a grafics...ar... He can - GRAPHIC ARTIST. There we go. Anyway. He can dance, style hair, and act like an idiot while telling us that UNDERNEATH THOSE LAYERS OF EMOESQUE...
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    Fanfiction ► .:[{.Las.Cinco.Muertes.}]:.

    Okay. This fic is being brought into the world because we, SorasAngel1292, Kaze_Krazy, and myself, are really board. .-. So, yeah. Readers, or people that are going to look-and-leave (also called: Look-and-leaves), so that we end up with 58,239 views and three posts (made by ourselves), we...
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    Fanfiction ► ~.{Symbols}.//B.I.S.H.I.E.\\.{slobmyS}.~

    ~.{Symbols}.//B.I.S.H.I.E.\\.{slobmyS}.~ Authors: GuardianOfHearts Katattack Kaze_Krazy Sterling_Silver Thelonepickle This is a comedy, because... This... Is a comedy... So, yeah. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ugly~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ketso jumped a foot into the air when his computer...
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    Script Style: Good or Bad?

    I'm making a topic about this because it's so flipping annoying to see users' fics being torn apart, because losers have to say: "OMG DIS IS 2 DESCIRPTIVE! CN U PLZ GIT BACK 2 TEH STOREY?!" Or: "Oh, my gosh, script style, you should die right now." So, here's a place where we can discuss and...
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    Fanfiction ► One Shot Entry: Empty

    Okay. Fic challenge. Ms. GuardianofHearts ((A.K.A.: GOHZERINODINO!!oneronoenonere!)) has challenged me. =D It's about our two characters meeting each othah! =D After a long time. Ummm… No Intense Gore. I gotta say that. For… Tax purposes. <.< >.>; But I don't think there is any...
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    Kingdom Hearts: "There'safancynamehere"

    Well. Hello. I'm Thelonepickle, and apparently, I only write in sentence fragments. Oh, wait, that's a real sentence. Huh. That was short-lived. Ahem. Welcome to the rp. Just wanna say this before I describe it. I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO KICK YOU OUT. AND USE RED FONT. Thank you for...
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    Fanfiction ► The Articles of Literacy

    THELONEPICKLE PRESENTS: The Articles of Literacy Brought to you in astounding Technicolour! You don't have to read it all, just the parts you want to learn about. I'm assuming that you came here to learn; not to tell me that you're not going to read it all the way through. So, have fun...
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    Fanfiction ► Hollow Hearts (Version 3.0 Some KH2 Spoilers)

    Enjoy. Let's try this again. ~-~ It started years ago. He was just a baby. Hollow’s nineteen now, but we have to go back to before then. When the creator of the creatures you’ve learned to despise, the creatures you’ve hated for so long, was just an infant. Never has there been a tale more...
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    Fanfiction ► Hollow Hearts Revamped

    Yeah, this were be my fic. ^-^ I wrote it a long time ago, and then, upon realizing that it, well, sooked, I decided to revamp it. So, here's the second better versionness. Now, listen. I udpart when I wanna. That's how it works. I'll try to do it often, but don't tell ME, tell GOH to...
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    Fanfiction ► Hilarious Fic. I Was Thinking of Writing.

    ...It's not hilarious. That's just a title, stupid. >.>; Anyway, read it if you want. It's a KH/Original Characters/Buncha Cameos/FF crossover. This fist chapter only has OCs and Cameos, though, so relax for a while. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Watch it, Stuffer!" My battle cry. I she be...
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    Fanfiction ► She's Famous Now ((Entry #3 for the M.S. Contest))

    YO, MUFFIN STUFFAHS! Have fun readin' this here fanfic. It's Riku/Kairi, cause you don't see them fics around much. Ecks Dee. Anyway, no lemons. I'm not about that. No cursing. I'm about that, but only in my head. Ecks Dee. Let's get started up in here...
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    Fanfiction ► Muffin Soldiers Unite! For Grand-slam Fic Contest #1!

    YO! Hey there, aspiring author! Wanna read some FANTASTIC fics?! TOO BAD! Will you settle for mediocre? Anyway, I'm proposing that the Muffin Soldiers unite for a great fic contest. If this survives, we're gonna make it a regular habit! Anyway. Yeah. Buncha writers make a certain type...
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    Fanfiction ► Scarred: The First Journey

    Okay. This is my original fic. It's not... Good. Yet. Yeah. There's room for editing, but yeah. So, like it. Yeah. Please? Ecks Dee. I don't care if you like it or not. o.o Here goes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hadn't it been an eon since the last one had...
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    Plot Lines Are For Squizares! (plot changes every week. This week HP. Come join!)

    Okay. My friends and I are bored. Super, super bored. REEEEEAAAAALLLY bored. So, we're gonna make an rp that has no plot and every plot. The theme will change every week, so just try to make as much happen as possible in that week. There are some rules. 1. NO PROFANITY. If you're gonna...
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    Fanfiction ► One Shot: It's Kaze

    "Roxas" dropped to the floor, trying to fake the fall. He had landed on his hands; the blow Sora had just sent flying -too wildly, unless he wanted to be stabbed in the stomach- had neither touched nor bothered Kaze much. He kept himself there, on his hands and feet in a push-up formation...
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    Fanfiction ► Abandoned Heart (THE ULTIMATE YUNA HATER FIC!)

    Abandoned Heart (Now joint, but still hating Yuna) Dude. I hate Yuna. She stuffs. She should die. So this fic starts out that way. Also, the Emo-Magician-Pengy-Eating Gerard is going to write this, too. Gerardino. XDDD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ His gloved-hand...
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    Fanfiction ► M-Gup's Short Scary Stories!

    Greetings! You have stumbled into this thread by... clicking... a button. Anyway, this is M-Gup's Scary Stories thread! M-Gup (Muffin Generals United Publishing) has decided that there aren't enough horrible things in this world, so we'd like to bring in some more. Now, continue on to read...