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  1. D

    did anyone notice ?????????????????

    pluto is gangsta he can do whatever he wants.
  2. D

    What pisses you off?

    Riku IV that motherfuc*** took so long!
  3. D

    Light? Dark? Or Twilight?

    yea just assumptions or the fact he lives in Twilight town.
  4. D


    hey thats a bealtes song! when he does dark aura use a 0 card. For dark firaga do a dodge roll. That's about it, kick some as$
  5. D

    Favorite Rock Group?

    Mine is Led Zeppelin. You can talk about the bands all you want.
  6. D

    Why Marluxia turned against the Organization *JOKE*

    Marluxia: I'm bored, let's betray the orginization. Meanwhile...... Lexeaus: I'm bored let's betray Marluxia who is betraying the orginization. Meanwihle...... Sora: I'm bored let's go in that castle.
  7. D

    Namie and BHK

    heck yea. what about the eyes? They could have like the same eyes or somethin. Namie? who's that? just kidding
  8. D

    Chappelle's Show

    I like this show it is very funny and Dave is a very good comedian. Although Lil John got over quoted a lot by them and everyone
  9. D

    Key of Rewards

    In the last floor castle oblivion. You have to do about from 1- 3 or 5 battles to earn one. Note: Only one key to rewards may be held at a time.
  10. D

    KH CoM jokes!

    In case anyone was wondering jokes can be about Kingdom Hearts or CoM. 4 jokes! The first: Riku is fighting Riku Replica Marluxia: 20 bucks on Riku. Lexeaus: You're on. The Second Ansem and Sora are fighting Ansem: I must have the keyblade to open ultimate darkness! Sora: Like I'll give it...
  11. D

    KH CoM jokes!

    long time i finally made a funny joke! A heartless hits Sora. Goofy:Sora! *Throws potion* *Flies up and hits Sora in face* Sora: Ow! Mother ******! I'm even more hurt now! Donald: Sora! *Another potion thrown* *Hits Sora in face and glass shatters* Sora: God! That hurts! I need to heal now...
  12. D

    Light? Dark? Or Twilight?

    Haven't checked in awhile but thanks for everyones support!
  13. D

    KH2: will it be hard?

    I hope there are hard boss fights. The ones in KH cept sephy and Zisa were easy. Rock titan was so easy just loads of health. I assume it would be hard with the interaction thing to attack the boss.
  14. D

    Create your own form!

    this is for all the fans of the transformations. Post as many as possible even make up characters to fuse with. And you can use characters over and over just new attacks and names. Enjoy! Example. Lion-heart form: Fuse with leon Weapon: Gunblade Skills: Lion heart like arcunum except...
  15. D

    hardest Boss

    lol the last one was time consuming really but easy. But marluxia(guy?) and riku 4 were both hard.
  16. D

    hercules fighting with you?

    I assume that Auron fights cause the trailers showed him doing bushido (combo with sora) and with health bar and everything. Even though i couldn't translate it. As 4 Herc a maybe, A demi-god on ur team would be awesome but too odd.
  17. D

    THEORY on Light, Dark and Twilight

    Well i dunno but mickey at the end of kingdom hearts had a light around him with billions of heartless around. And in CoM he guided Riku to light even though he went dawn. Sora light. But riku was the original keybearer. Riku's soul eater doesn't count as a keyblade. BHK a twilight keyblade...
  18. D

    BHK playable in KH2

    Exactly. But will attack and spells be exactly the same or is BHK stronger, weaker or the same?
  19. D

    Light? Dark? Or Twilight?

    I haven't checked here in a while. Man! a lot of people have voted! thx for ur support!