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  1. Zackarix

    Why isn't there a Nomura art book?

    Preferably KH-based, but I'm not picky. I love his style so much and would absolutely pay to have physical copies! Especially if it included cleaned up versions of the amazing storyboards he did. And before anyone says it I know that some art books have been released for the series. But...
  2. Zackarix

    A subtle mistake that I think was made in the story of the Dark Seeker Saga

    Birth By Sleep should have been treated as the origin story of Apprentice Xehanort. Instead, it was used to retcon Master Xehanort into the Big Bad of the entire saga. Why should his body matter, you ask? For one, bringing back MX's old body retroactively weakens the impact of Terra's story...
  3. Zackarix

    KHUX ► The Missed Opportunities of KHUX

    Unlike most KH games KHUX operated over the course of years. This means that they had the ability to introduce things like costumes and mechanics later into the game even if it didn't occur to them at the time of release. Given this what do you think could have been introduced into the game...
  4. Zackarix

    Melody of Memory should have been a Namine game

    This was brought up in the shipping thread, but I've decided that it needs a topic of its own. Namine would have made more sense as the narrator of MoM than Kairi or Chirithy. The memories of Sora and the people connected to him are her thing! At the very least have been involved in the plot...
  5. Zackarix

    KHUX ► Fan Recreation of KHX[Chi]'s 3rd Anniversary Story

    A few months ago /u/Lord_Thantus inquired about KHX's 3rd anniversary event, which was apparently so obscure that no footage of the cutscenes exists. Using information provided by /u/ShardofTruth they recreated the story. Assuming that this is an accurate recreation I can see why this event...
  6. Zackarix


    I've been lurking here for a while and I've finally made an account. I probably won't be too active, but now I'll chime in whenever I have something to say.