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    Death Note: Crime and Punishment [Sign Ups/OOC]

    Justice… What is Justice? Where is Justice? Is it just merely a word everyone wishes to hear? There is no such thing as righteousness in this merciless world. “Justice” doesn’t exist in this new chaotic world. The sky is drenched with the blood of innocents and the air filled with the stench of...
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    anyone want to start an RP with me?

    Ok... some of the RPs dont really catch my eyes these days... (or either i dont have enough time and i can't really join them)... So would anyone like to start an RP with me? Can either be Original or Canon. (if it's original, lets start something totally out of scratch, something VERY...
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    I'm a beginnier Guitarist.

    Ok i'm planning to get an Electric Guitar soon. Maybe this weekend. I dont know what to buy and stuff... any tips?
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    sepiroth fight

    i want to beat sephiroth once i get explosion from the 2 element bosses from Agrabah. I'm planning to just skip monster fights and just try to get to sephiroth... before lvl 40.
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    sepiroth fight

    ehe i beat him at lvl 47, or 48 (forgot) in proud mode.
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    sepiroth fight

    just get once more, or when you have 1 HP left from getting hit by a combo.
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    What's a Dis-Soul?

    Sorry i dont feel like reading the Ansem REports... can anyone explain to me what a Dis-SOul is?
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    If you were part of Orginization XIII

    If you were part of Orginization XIII what would your... Name: (Please your real name with an X) Gender: Age: Orginization #: Weapon(s): Appearance: Element: Your Nobodies: K i'll go... Name: Exiland Gender: Male Age: 13 Orginization #: 13, 1, or 6 Weapon(s): 2 Keyblades of Darkness OR...
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    where's sephiroth?

    ok i cant seem to find sephiroth in Hallow Bastian? does anyone know when he's is available or something? i dont know where he is...
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    Fanfiction ► Lost in Darkness...

    Chapter 1: welcomed to the organization "Hey little buddy... wake up!" said Axel "what...? um... who are you?" said ... "oh... my name's Axel! who are you?" questioned Axel "Oh... my name... i dont know?" said ... "huh? you dont know who you are?" Axel said wierdly "Yeah i dont know... do you...
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    Fanfiction ► Lost in Darkness...

    Hello i would like to say that this is my first fanfic ever... hope you enjoy it. If it's not that good please give me some tips... i appreciate it... thanks!!! :) Prologue... "Will you give up your heart Riku? Just to save the ones you love the most? Or... will you keep your heart and...
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    i ownnn

    i just beat Saix with NO USE OF POTIONS... meaning i forgot to stock em. WOO HOO!!!! lvl 47. =)
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    What would your Organization weapon be?

    If you were in the Organization... What would your weapon be? Mine would be 2 cool looking keyblade (like Roxas) or a Long Katana, or cloud's sword from FFVII Advant CHildren... SO COOL HOW THEY CAN SPLIT!