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    Violent vs. Archangels(A practice battle)

    This thread is to prepare one of my characters for a battle on another site. Problem is I haven't used them in a long time and forgot how to use them so v_a and me are gonna have a go. Hopefully i'll remember how to use him. Arena: Forest Template: Name: Chrono Lockheart Age: 19 Gender...
  2. X

    Dramatic Hearts XD "Spoilers"

    xD I...cant stop laughing. xD rolf
  3. X

    I totaly had this Roxas dream ...

    Hmmm... The last dream I remember me having was that I was my rp character Tina, and I was fighting someone with a keyblade to the death so that they wouldn't destroy the world.(See sig) I remember that I was losing, went in for a final hit and...i woke up :cry: Your dreams scare me. O.o but...
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    Fanfiction ► Ragnorok: the second coming

    (I’ll just skip right to the exciting part, the story is original so.... Warning: This Fan-fic will cross over into various video-game and anime worlds;May contain spoilers;Read at your own risk) Level 0: Forced Departure “Your lucky Sora…looks like my summer vacation…is over.”...
  5. X

    anyone maxed out in $$$?

    I can only go so far...good job getting that much money.:thumbsup:
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    Help/Support ► Trouble with emotions.

    I never got to meet you...:cry: Come back soon. Hope you find what your looking for.
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    Fanfiction ► An Epic Kingdom Hearts Short Story: The Mirror Game

    It was great Xuan.^^ Your skills diminished? Don't worry, you'll remember how to write eventually. -Tina Lockheart(Don't ask what happened XP)
  8. X

    Where can i buy COM

    Got mine from gamecrazy... I need RE:com :cry:
  9. X

    Re: CoM - Marluxia pre-fight video

    Re: CoM - Marluxia pre-fight video Yeah on kh-vids.com at least I think thats the website. Edit: Whoops someone already answered. XP
  10. X

    Titan Paradox Cup

    U..umm the question was already answered...