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  1. RonaldPoe

    The Fanmade Music Thread

    This thread has a lot of good choices that I'm familiar with. I think this guy has some good KH mashups that sound cool and coherent (despite using 5 different pieces at times). I've actually messaged the guy who did "Light of the Worlds" (an impressive medley that's already been posted and...
  2. RonaldPoe

    A defense for Ishimoto

    If Ishimoto copy-pasted the "Rage Awakened" part s (still doesn't make sense for a final Xehanort theme) from the previous theme, no wonder that section of "Dark Domination" sucks and the transition feels abrupt. I feel the Armored Xehnaort theme (basically B-Movie "Rage Awakened" and very...
  3. RonaldPoe

    What's your laughable video game villain?

    Mysterio's design is pretty typical for him but his fight is an embarrassment (he goes down in one punch). Classic Pete was a joke to begin with (his attacks hurt him arguably more than Sora). I've got a couple more examples. YHVH from Shin Magami Tensei franchise. This thing's supposed to be a...
  4. RonaldPoe

    What are some games you think are underrated?

    I remember the first Dark Cloud. I beat it when I was younger. It was very unique and pretty memorable. Anyone played Devil Survivor or its sequel. They're rather underrated RPG's from the Shin Megami Tensei series but one of the easier entries in that franchise. From the impressive Metal...
  5. RonaldPoe

    What's your laughable video game villain?

    Polygon Man does look stupid but his uselessness is worse. I feel Kronika (Mortal Kombat 11) is an example of what they were going for (a fighting game boss who summons minions often). She's actually difficult and far more interesting.
  6. RonaldPoe

    What's your laughable video game villain?

    I looked up Jasper Blatt Jr. and wow, you're right. I've got a few more. First is Koldan from Tattoo Assassins. The whole game is So Bad Its Good but this guy is no exception. He looks like a Mortal Kombat version of DSP/The King of Hate (a very notorious, incompetent, and obnoxious Let's...
  7. RonaldPoe

    What's your laughable video game villain?

    Have you ever seen a video game villain who looks so ridiculous, you can't take them seriously and/or laugh. I saw a thread on this somewhere and decided to make one here. I'd prefer people to look at said thread and pick some fresh fashion rejects. Also refrain on KH villains here. The thread...
  8. RonaldPoe

    Favourite Foreteller?

    I think you got Aced and Gula mixed up. Aced is the jerk with the bear mask. I hope Aced becomes a boss in the next game though ... I agree that Invi has a lot of potential in the future (along with a cool design). Perhaps she could try to recruit Sora. Ava, Gula, and Ira are also cool in their...
  9. RonaldPoe

    What characters do you think are overrated/underrated in the series?

    If I had to pick a most underrated KH boss fight, it'd be Lexasus in KH2. I always found Marluxia to be a cool character but annoying as hell to fight (in all appearances). Lexasus might not be difficult but he's easily the most fun of the data battles. The fight is like something out of DBZ (he...
  10. RonaldPoe

    What themes to incorporate into a Female Player theme?

    Thanks for the suggestions. I was going to go for a more energetic character theme rather than just a pretty and/or melancholy one. Also love the idea of incorporating some Disney world themes (such as Wonderland and the Candy Kingdom). Any more tips would be appreciated.
  11. RonaldPoe

    What themes to incorporate into a Female Player theme?

    I'm a musician and I'm thinking of writing a musical theme for Union X's Female Player some time. The biggest problem probably would be too many similarities between the Female Player and Player X/Male Player (they have very similar powers and personalities along with taking the same journey). I...
  12. RonaldPoe

    Kingdom Hearts doesnt have many female characters tbh ngl

    I'd argue with the exception of Kairi (I'll go into details about her), Olette (she's unremarkable as hell) and Namine (I dislike her for being bland and getting off too easy for COM), KH has a decent female cast. The opening post and thread title came across to me as clear trolling but this...
  13. RonaldPoe

    Female Protagonist Appreciation Day?

    I meant a piece of music incorporating different themes from KH but dedicated to Female Player. The biggest problem probably would be too many similarities between the Female Player and Player X/Male Player (they have very similar powers and personalities along with taking the same journey). I...
  14. RonaldPoe

    Female Protagonist Appreciation Day?

    Female Player likely isn't canon but I kinda wish she was. She's fun, badass, and the closest thing we'll get to a female version of Xehanort. I'll miss her. I might even make a musical theme for her some time ...
  15. RonaldPoe

    KH UX Protagonist - Canon Gender?

    I think the ending to Union Cross confirms that Player X is male. He was reborn into Baby Xehanort. That being said I have a theory about the Female Player that seems possible and would make her canon. What if she's Subject X? The other 2 likely suspects don't have X in their names (Skuld and...
  16. RonaldPoe

    Astroblast Keyblade Design (and fanfiction notice!)

    I agree that this is probably the wrong place to post this. Still your fanfic sounds interesting. Also the third image is badass and reminds me of something a Yugioh villain would use.
  17. RonaldPoe

    Your KH headcanon

    I have a few headcanons myself. Only one of them is confirmed but they do make some sense. Before KH3, I predicted that Xigbar would survive the game and have a huge role in the future. I was actually right but didn't predict that he would be Luxu (few of us did). I personally think Riku is...
  18. RonaldPoe

    A defense for Ishimoto

    I hope Absent is joking. I have a lot of fond memories of KH1 (I became a fan in late 2003). I feel it was a great start for the franchise and had a stellar OST. I just don't care for those 4 themes that's all (especailly in Melody of Memory). I didn't know people would get upset about that. I...
  19. RonaldPoe

    KHUX ► Ark, True Dandelion, and Kh3 Secret ending assumptions

    What do you guys think happened to Player X? I think he'd have a role outside Union X. Not sure if he'd be a current character or someone new though.
  20. RonaldPoe

    KHUX ► Ark, True Dandelion, and Kh3 Secret ending assumptions

    Was Luxord ever remotely confirmed to be from the past? It's very likely he's from Verum Rex or at least has a big role there (he was Yozora's driver). There's currently little evidence connecting him to Union X. Player X's current identity hasn't been revealed yet. We don't even know if he...