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  1. DraceEmpressa

    Kingdom hearts and symbolism

    Nah..... symbolism is everywhere in a lot of Japanese work if you know where to look. I mean we are talking about the culture where serving you more food meaning they are kicking you out (no seriously, in kyoto if they served you rice with hot tea it means they are saying ur not welcome at that...
  2. DraceEmpressa

    Castlevania Videogame Series

    tbh in gameplay hands down the best is Order of Ecclesia. or I vibe better with rocket tag gameplay style. in plot tho? Tie in between Symphony of the Night or Dawn of Sorrow. or I just really like family drama. also the new animation is spin off.... oh dear, no. the new animation will be...
  3. DraceEmpressa

    E3 in june..

    wow..... how much millions did they pay for that? I do know some games didn't sell well on some platforms, but another may sell dozens of thousands in another, and how does that payment top that possible dozens of thousands copies in overall revenue?
  4. DraceEmpressa

    Is anyone else concerned about how Phase 2 is going to be handled?

    And it's not just started at Days, even KH1 already shows the idea of suicide in other to save another. So yes, while Disney wouldn't show explicit gore or sex, psychological horror/ not-so-to-the-face mature content is still a fair game for Disney, As you say, 0.2 is a perfect example of how...
  5. DraceEmpressa

    KH references and cameos in other media?

    Twisted Wonderland have Silver, who looks awful lot like Riku (right). He isn't only looks like Riku, he is adopted by Malleus who is twisted from Maleficent (left) and has been serving him as one of his royal knights since, that kinda parallels how Riku side with Maleficent in KH1 somehow...
  6. DraceEmpressa

    Is anyone else concerned about how Phase 2 is going to be handled?

    Childish isn't a strong argument because Pirates of Caribbean is also a Disney property. Even if it's still highly censored in KH it is still far from childish and mature content isn't just about explicit gore/porn either.
  7. DraceEmpressa

    What about a Kingdom Hearts without Disney??

    Well i've answered you before then. SE can start from scratch just how they make 3d models for Disney classics, and Aniplex have more than enough budget to make CGI movie as the game nets in millions of dollars monthly. Trust me it's faaaaar from impossible, MMD exist, you know? there are...
  8. DraceEmpressa

    What about a Kingdom Hearts without Disney??

    KH or TW? KH is Disney property handled by Square Enix and neither are small company, both are capable of generating the CGI. or is it TW you're talking about? It is Disney property , legally, handled by Aniplex and Aniplex is already rich from FGO as well TW also rakes in millions of dollars...
  9. DraceEmpressa

    (SPOILERS) Union X: The World's End

    it always entertain me for people losing their sh*t over the usage of lifeboat instead of ark in English. At such moment I am grateful for in my native language, the word for ark isn't that religious locked for it's also tied to a local folklore. Small observation, but I see that Lauriam...
  10. DraceEmpressa

    Theory: A new Mobile Game is in the works

    Depends on what will it be? is it "update-less mobile VN mobile game" or flat out gacha? Cause KH doesn't exactly work as gacha, since gacha sells to the horny and you can't exactly romanticize/fetishisize KH contents and make KH gacha that sells characters instead of weapons. But the former...
  11. DraceEmpressa

    ...So, can we stick primarily with pixar?

    Well, maybe I sound like broken record at this point, but I will repeat it again. What we need isn't specifically more Pixar or less Disney, but more general creative worlds, that is not rehash of the original movies. Yes, Pixar movies have worse plot than Disney movies. But the thing here...
  12. DraceEmpressa

    Final Fantasy in Kingdom Hearts

    I thought the fact that DDD has TWEWY chars settle it that KH isn't FF X Disney, but SE X Disney. That being said, who knows if they are gonna be relevant again. the Verum Rex worlds seem to be a good choice for it.
  13. DraceEmpressa

    News ► Interview Excerpts: The reason why Melody of Memory has story stems from KH Mobile

    *sobbing* I already hate how Disney allow Nomura to go around with his abstract/complex plot for KH as long there is nothing graphic in it, as long as it keeps the child friendly brand, but that every single bleeping game has plot was their demand and possibly how they are all connected too...
  14. DraceEmpressa

    New KH games in future?

    Of course it will still be Kingdom Hearts. In the secret ending of RE: MIND Master of Masters makes a heart shape of the normal moon of the Verum Rex world, referencing the titular Kingdom Hearts. The "moon" Kingdom Hearts is still relevant to the plot however it is, no need to change the title...
  15. DraceEmpressa

    Is Kingdom Hearts poorly written?

    If people aren't interested in reading fanfics, ao3 and FFN wouldn't be born . And while i'm not gonna use it for an example of good writing, we know that Fifty Shades of Grey sells even to its own.... crowd. I've seen a specified section in my local bookstores dedicated to self insert...
  16. DraceEmpressa

    *MoM SPOILERS!* We really need to talk about Kairi...

    Try to think from the other side, why the "don't like don't touch(the work)" mindset exist in the first place. Most people can't tell the difference of a constructive critic and flat out bashing, and still so many people does their "constructive critic" with insults mixed in it, to use the...
  17. DraceEmpressa

    I think the next era of KH will focus on Square Enix

    So more like Twisted Wonderland than Mirrorverse then, where they are using expies (inspired characters) than directly borrowing the character, but with FF elements /atmosphere in contrast of Twisted Wonderland's Harry Potter vibes? (it's definitely Harry Potter Yana Toboso used to base Twisted...
  18. DraceEmpressa

    I think the next era of KH will focus on Square Enix

    Quoting Spockanort, Mirrorverse and Twisted Wonderland is a thing, and they do have their own plot -while Twisted Wonderland is more like expies/based on the Disney Classics, Mirrorverse is flat out borrowing the Disney/Pixar characters into Warcraft-like word. And there is also Star Smash...
  19. DraceEmpressa

    Is Kingdom Hearts poorly written?

    Maybe not the most important but.... the irreplacable part? Since this is the era of the internet already, things like the plot, game scenes, game images, osts etc can be found on the internet, but you can't replace the feeling of playing the game yourself . Sure, some ppl will still buy a game...