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  1. Forsaken Shadow

    Kingdom Hearts III OST: Shimomura, Ishimoto

    While the music of KH3 is ground breaking as always, I can't help but some tracks don't quite sound like Yoko Shimomura's style, and instead seem to have been composed by Ishimoto instead. What other tracks do you notice are distinctly Shimomura's work, and which ones are obviously Ishimoto's?
  2. Forsaken Shadow

    Playstation Road to Greatness Tour

    Hey guys, so the Road to Greatness tour is happening, and on the website it says that KH3 is one of the games that will be there, but I haven't heard any news about it from Square or KHInsider or anywhere. I'm planning to go for the one at the Miramar Air Show in San Diego. Does anyone have any...
  3. Forsaken Shadow

    Final Fantasy in KH3

    Where are them FF characters at? Whom do you want to see return, which new characters are you hoping for? A small tidbit of information - Noctis/Master of Master's VA Ray Chase attended the Middle East Film and Comic Con in my city, and when I asked him about KH3 he told me that he's not been...
  4. Forsaken Shadow

    Fire Samurai Costume?

    A friend of mine and I both got a notification today upon opening up the game that we have received the Avatar board for a Fire Samurai costume, but neither of us have the actual Avatar board. Has this happened to anyone else?
  5. Forsaken Shadow

    Black Coaty/Master of Master's Intentions

    I don't know about everyone else, but I was quite surprised by the revelation that Coaty is the Master of Masters. The laid-back demeanor, much less the use of nicknames, seems to me characteristics that would fit the 6th rather than the Master. But now that Coaty's identity has been confirmed...
  6. Forsaken Shadow

    What is Back Cover?

    I'm probably the only one that's a bit lost as to what Back Cover actually is. Is it meant to be a replacement for X/UX? A way to familiarize the story with those who haven't played the game, the way the Days and Coded movies were? Or is it a completely different story altogether?
  7. Forsaken Shadow

    Tokyo Game Show and Jump Festa

    TGS 2015 is coming up in a couple of weeks and Jump Festa 2016 in December. Although nothing is slated for KH3 in these events, do you think we might get at least a world reveal? Are SE likely to pull surprises like that?
  8. Forsaken Shadow

    The "Help, I'm confused!" Thread

    Since KH has a plethora of plot points and a mythos that feels almost impossible to grasp, I thought I would make a thread which can aggregate single questions or confusions we may have about the KH series, whether it be about the story itself or the technical aspects of the game. Since the vast...
  9. Forsaken Shadow

    Improvements you would make

    The Kingdom Hearts series post-KH1 (and arguably, CoM) has been fraught with moments (sometimes a lot more than just a moment) of terrible writing. Instead of just listing what you think was handled poorly, what are alternate ways you think a certain plot aspect or a particular scene could have...
  10. Forsaken Shadow

    Film ► Gigantic (2018) - "Definitive version of Jack and the Beanstalk"

    "Set in Spain during the Age of Exploration, the film follow Jack as he discovers a world of giants hidden within clouds. Jack befriends the female giant Inma, who’s “11 years old, 60 feet tall, fiery, feisty and a lot to control” and treats him like a living doll, Greno said. Meanwhile, the...
  11. Forsaken Shadow

    Availability in other regions

    I live in the UAE so my Apple Store is based in the UAE. Will Unchained X be available there, or will I have to switch to the US store to download it? Also, unrelated but do we have to pay to download it?
  12. Forsaken Shadow

    Party members in KH3

    I've been thinking lately about party members in KH3, particularly in the Tangled world. Now of course it makes perfect sense to have Rapunzel as your party member, but it would also feel incomplete if Flynn wasn't (although I'd be absolutely infuriated if they had Flynn as a party member and...
  13. Forsaken Shadow

    How will the game begin: Other characters

    This thread has to do with discussing the possibility of the game opening with another character's scenario, a la KH2. Do you think this is possible, and if so, which character would it be? An existing one or a completely new character? And how would it play out? Here are a list of possible...
  14. Forsaken Shadow

    Clarify something for me...

    So did Apprentice Xehanort feign his amnesia after all?
  15. Forsaken Shadow

    (SENSITIVE SUBJECT) Homosexuality

    My apologies if a thread like this already exists, but I wanted to know what your views are on homosexuality, share experiences, and so on. Being bisexual myself, I can honestly tell you it's one of the most difficult things to experience, particularly if you're from a conservative society and...
  16. Forsaken Shadow

    Help/Support ► Help with PCSX2 configuration

    Hey guys, I'm going to attempt to install PCSX2 on a friend's laptop tomorrow to play KH. I'm fairly computer literate (depends on your standards I guess), but I'm pretty new to this whole emulation business so I have a couple of questions and help would be greatly appreciated. Alright so...
  17. Forsaken Shadow

    Sora's Japanese battle quotes

    I've always wondered what exactly Sora's Japanese battle quotes in KH2 are and what they mean. Heard them, but can't discern a single word correctly, nor can I find a video with an audio rip. Any rips or a typed out list of the quotes would help!
  18. Forsaken Shadow

    MX's true goal

    We all know that MX is after Kingdom Hearts, forgive me for my ignorance but it still isn't clear to me what he actually wants to do with it. Another keyblade war, and then? Answers would be appreciated.
  19. Forsaken Shadow

    Character Links section

    KH2FM proud mode, attempting to get 100% in Jiminy's Journal. I've beaten all the way up til Xemnas' first fight, and I've been doing the side quests, but for some reason the Character Links section in any world doesn't say it's completed?? Help please!
  20. Forsaken Shadow

    Game freezes at Xemnas' first fight

    During my first playthrough of the first fight with Xemnas (the one at the memory skyscraper), the second time he forces you into using the Facedown reaction command, the game suddenly froze, and I had to switch the PS3 off from the button. Second time I played it nothing went wrong, but...