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  1. The Lionheart

    old as f(ive)

    Why, hello there. I tend to make these threads once a year, I don't know, I just like to look back on why I'm actually here. Today makes five years I've been on this website, that number in and of itself astonishes me. I just can't believe I've spent half-a-decade (and over a fourth of my life)...
  2. The Lionheart

    video game franchises that should take a break

    5 video game franchises that should take a break | Games Blog - Yahoo! Games I just read that article, and I thought it made some pretty good points. I thought the choice of Assassin's Creed was pretty interesting, but probably merited. It's hard to balance long running series, because if you...
  3. The Lionheart

    [spoilers. . . I think] Did we ever get an English-subbed trailer?

    Shoot me if this has already been asked/posted, but I searched around (rather half-heartedly, I'll admit) and I didn't find anything of the like. I mean the title basically says it all. I've been checking KHI's frontpage for an upload, and I haven't seen anything in the Jump Festa thread...
  4. The Lionheart

    Post Your Desktop Thread

    Couldn't find the old thread (I'm not going to necro-post in the '08 thread), so I figured I'd start up a new one. I enjoy sharing my desktop with others, and I think it's pretty interesting how people set up their desktops. So, without further ado: A quick tut on how to screencap/upload your...
  5. The Lionheart

    Tech ► A Simple Guide to BitTorrenting

    'ello everybody! I haven't been able to find the last "how to" thread on BitTorrenting (made by The Midnighter, if I'm not mistaken), so I thought I'd help all of you who get your music from youtube out a bit. So first off, what exactly is "torrenting?" Well, first off, a 'torrent' is a small...
  6. The Lionheart

    [idea] A more strategic take on Roleplaying

    Yesterday I finished reading Inheritance, the last book of a series with the same name. I had always thought to implement a roleplay based off of the series, but I could never figure out storyline, plot, or exactly how to implement this world into both the freedom and constrictions granted by...
  7. The Lionheart

    Persona 4 Anime Renders

    As far as I'm concerned, these were just recently released. High quality, and a nice change from the limited amount of stocks we've had in the past. http://static.sakuraindex.jp/downloads/SakuraIndex_P4_Renders.zip
  8. The Lionheart

    Music ► Local Music Scene

    So, I'll be real honest here, I'm posting this because Portugal. The Man is playing for free tomorrow, and I'm pumped about it. Just wanted to see how the music scene is where you live. Living in Austin has been an awesome experience, I've been able to see a ton of people play live (Bon Iver...
  9. The Lionheart

    The Possibility of Expanding to Other Franchises

    The implications of The World Ends with You being added to the Kingdom Hearts series go way beyond simply seeing Neku in 3D. This addition opens the door for nearly all Square Enix games, from Star Ocean to Tactics Ogre to the Valkyrie Profiles. The real question is, do we (as fans) want this...
  10. The Lionheart

    A new Dragon Ball?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OWemM2_qcU Please tell me what this is KHI, I honestly have no idea.
  11. The Lionheart

    Four years and counting

    Wow. I just looked at my profile, and realized that today is four years since I first joined this site. It's just. . . wow. (sorry for the nostalgia that's about to hit) When I joined this site, I wasn't even in high school. I hadn't thought about what college I wanted to go to, or what I...
  12. The Lionheart

    League of Legends

    League of Legends - Free Online Game | LoL - League of Legends http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEnsqpThaFg Dominion: It's fast, and fun! Resources: LOLReplay - Will allow you to watch your/other people's replays. Good tool for looking at your own mistakes and MAKING MONTAGES. SoloMid.net - A...
  13. The Lionheart


    Okay so maybe she's not around here so much anymore, but facebook told me that today was her birthday! So hope it was a good one, Shan-chan c: (oh by the way this is Passion for those of you that don't know her irl name)
  14. The Lionheart

    Help/Support ► Is it possible to get images from a flash source?

    I was recently looking at getting the character renders from this site: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn but I'm not sure if that's even possible, or how one would go about doing that. I used a program called WebRipper to try and get the images, but with no luck. Can anyone out there help me with this...
  15. The Lionheart

    Nintendo Power Nomura Interview

    Lots of new information coming out of Nintendo Power's recent article over Re:coded, where they do a short interview with Tetsuya Nomura on Kingdom Hearts 3D. Nintendo Power: We understand that Re:coded has a secret ending exclusive to the DS version of the game. Does that movie contain any...
  16. The Lionheart

    Applying for College

    As I type this, I am tediously copying my parents' tax return one page at a time (for financial aid stuffs), so I figured I may as well post up a thread about it. Just wondering where you guys are applying to college this year, where you've applied in the past, where you got in, etc. This year...
  17. The Lionheart

    To Claire; From Sonny (short film) [YOU NEED TO SEE THIS]

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rKW-VRFczA Facebook | Ennui Pictures | Soundtrack | Soundtrack Download | Videolog To Claire; From Sonny Written/Directed/Edited by Josh Beattie DoP & Cinematography: Shuwei Zhang Starring Henry Orr as 'Sonny' Emmie Seaton as 'Claire' Gianna Gillies as 'Jess'...
  18. The Lionheart

    Pedobear in the news

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_lmMmYAyow lolpedobear
  19. The Lionheart

    Problem with the Site's Character Pages

    As I was navigating through the site, looking for some character descriptions, I noticed that the links for both the Birth By Sleep page and the 358/2 Days page all (or at least, all of the ones I clicked) led to "404 Not Found" errors (example link). This problem is non-existent for the...
  20. The Lionheart

    The Lionheart's Mirage Arena Medal-Earning Guide

    Over the past few days, I've been seeing a number of posts looking for a way to earn medals in the Mirage Arena more quickly. After exploring a number of options, I've (hopefully) made a guide that will allow you to do just that. Before we start, I want to make sure you're up to speed on all of...