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  1. Dexel

    Help/Support ► Crazy or just mundane?

    Yep, it's the nutcase from the confession thread come to be more selfish. Frankly, I think it's just 'cause it's the single worst thing running through my head and thus the most difficult one to say because of social ineptitude and how the only people who'd care would give me looks filled with...
  2. Dexel

    Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy

    So I went diving through these threads and found no dead threads with this title. If there still is a thread about this game, feel free to merge or whatevs. -x- Title - The name of this game varies based on where you are. In Europe, it's known as Fahrenheit, but here in the U.S., the...
  3. Dexel

    To those who still care...

    I'm back again. Just can't keep myself out of trouble, now can I? I just got suspended from the computer lately due to bad grades. Needless to say, that obstacle has been overcome, and with any luck, summer school isn't even a remote possibility.
  4. Dexel

    Poor Cuddles. o-O

    "When you clothes have to be huggably, rapably fresh." YouTube - Robot Chicken: The Sodomy Cycle - Adult Swim (Official) -x- Sodomy was never softer. *shot* Damn you Seth Green.
  5. Dexel

    Thought this was pretty funny.

    This is a Metal Gear Solid video made from various clips from MS1-3. Colnoel: "The Secretary of Defense has..." Solidus: "Killed your parents." Raiden: "!!" YouTube - Metal Gear Solid - Metal Gear Stupid
  6. Dexel

    Oh Lucy, I'm hooooome!

    Guess who decided to come back after a year or two? Seems a lot of things have changed on here since I last came. To those who are curious, let me speed you up to date... My computer recieved the Vundo virus, proceeded to crash and burn ( permanently ), and now I am typing from a laptop. I...
  7. Dexel

    .Hack Offical Discussion Thread

    Scrolled through a few pages and failed to see a thread like this, so, title should explain all. Discuss .Hack//G.U., IMOQ, and Link here. Also, I noticed that a site is aiming their sights on making a 3D MMORPG version of The World R:1, with the exception of PKing and an Arena. December 24th...
  8. Dexel

    Growing meat without the animal?

    Mad Science? Growing Meat Without Animals - Yahoo! News Discuss.
  9. Dexel

    Help/Support ► Need some Science Fair help

    As this doesn't seem to really fit in anywhere else, here's hoping this is the right section. I need a HUGE sample of people for results to be accurate. And not just one age/gender group, I need a wide variety. Now, I know this isn't really the best place to do this, but it's the only place I...
  10. Dexel

    so i heard you lieks whacking your boss

    Manage Your Anger Safely However, do keep in mind now that, in Soviet Russia, your boss whacks you.
  11. Dexel

    Help/Support ► Dammit, this is why I hate family disputes...good reasons or not.

    Allow me to explain. My mom took in this boyfriend of hers called Robert and his two kids. Now a baby is moving in and somehow the info leaked to my grandmother that the baby moved in today. Now, she's angry as hell. 2 days ago, before I got here to Naples, I spotted Rob's kids taking my...
  12. Dexel


    That's right - the minorly important part of Roxas's short time in the digital Twilight Town that is still available in the real Twilight Town, though only optional and, sadly, without any rewards no matter how many times you lost or won to Heyner, Setzer, or Seifer ( in order of who you fight...
  13. Dexel

    That 70's Show

    Anyone ever watched it? This here happens to be my favorite. YouTube - That '70s Show S08E07 - Fatso vs. Bob
  14. Dexel

    (Another) coming back thread from me.

    My Internet connection got cut off on Christmas Eve and we finally got it back up now. I seem to have way too many things going wrong for me to be here (much). Turns out that at court today ( it was delayed two weeks two times ), my case was dropped. So, here I am, back (again). Perhaps I...
  15. Dexel

    I really need to stop making these "returning" topics, despite reasons.

    Well, here I am, back again. My latest blunder? Possession of two pocketknives with blades hardly even half an inch. They had no problem at first and knew I had 'em at school. But hey, as soon as you threaten and point them at the same time just to frighten someone without harm intent, you're...
  16. Dexel

    The PostMentalFerocity (PMF) Fanclub

    Since I can't find this on either 4 pages, I'll be re-creating this fanclub. If people weren't planning on re-creating this fanclub, well, then, easily enough deleted, eh? Members: Dexel ~Azure.Requiem Frozen Fate Sora_Rox_My_Sox Leonard
  17. Dexel

    Summer's almost over for me.

    Yep, as soon as I left for Naples, it turned out that I had the two weeks here and a weekend at home until school starts again for me and to watch as much Bleach as possible while talking to you guys. So, after I get home from Naples, expect a major decline on my time on here. ( I just might...
  18. Dexel

    You mean like Democrats?

    YouTube - Funniest Movie Line Ever
  19. Dexel

    As much as I hate to go...

    I'm going to have to go to Naples for 2 weeks, give or take a few days. I can't be sure, but that's how long my other siblings stayed up there. So, starting tomorrow, my time to come on here will be greatly reduced, as every time I go to my grandparent's, I most likely get only an hour on the...
  20. Dexel

    Hey, guise!

    I think I have found a new interest. YouTube - MGS4 - Solid Snake vs liquid Ocelot