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    Mystery box theory!

    We know that the master of masters did not give Luxu a book of prophecies if Luxu is or one of his apprentices is the master of xehanort How come xehanort even know about the book and how does he know the line "on that land shall darkness prevail and light expire" which is written in the book...
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    master of masters is xehanort! (theory)

    soo.. when mx took over terras body, we know that he lost his memories xehanorts keyblade has a animal symbol and a blue eye so we can assume that it is the 6th apprentices keyblade or something.. ever wondered how the hell that keyblade was hanging around in the place where yx and yme talking...
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    someone clear my doubt!!!

    so mx took over terras body in bbs and then he lost memories and became xehanort (terra-xehanort) then how da hell did he become mx again in dds???