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  1. E.J.


    I'm not sure when the last time I religiously posted here was, probably when I was 12 or 13. Its been a very long time and all I can say this site is flourishing, it looks amazing. I dunno if I'll actually be back in the sense I'll be doing the things I was doing in the past, but I'm still a KH...
  2. E.J.


    strip the flesh salt the wound http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lL-uZxqN8_k&feature=player_embedded#!
  3. E.J.

    This has been bothering me for the longest time

    Okay so you've got this and then can this be fixed? EDIT: If I wasn't being clear enough, I want these notifications on non existent messages gone.
  4. E.J.

    Pon pon

    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu vs. Major Lazer - PONPONPON De Floor video - YouTube
  5. E.J.

    American Internet Censorship - Don't let this happen!

    American Censorship Day November 16 - Join the fight to stop SOPA On 11/16, Congress holds hearings on the first American Internet censorship system. This bill can pass. If it does the Internet and free speech will never be the same. Join all of us on the 16th to stop this bill. If this law...
  6. E.J.


    Would you like to save your game?
  7. E.J.

    I'm back.

    . ^
  8. E.J.

    Leaving, probably permanently.

    Read the title. I don't really like the KH community or games as much as I used to, and I don't have many friends keeping me back. So, bye.
  9. E.J.

    its pocket grenade time

  10. E.J.

    Few questions

    Ok KHInsider, I could use some help. BBS help to be more specific. In the normal US version of BBS, the one I have, do you get keyblades after defeating the secret bosses? Like, for example, No Name, for defeating the Mysterious Figure. I would also like to know how I could get Ultima Weapon.
  11. E.J.


    wrex .
  12. E.J.

    Happy Birthday to me...

    Guess I'm having a party of 1 this year.
  13. E.J.

    Database errors out the ass

    I am getting so many database errors, it's ridiculous. I get one when visiting almost every thread. I'm pretty sure you said it was fixed, staff. What's up with this?
  14. E.J.


    This is the cancer that is killing Forum Insanity. hueh
  15. E.J.

    Gang Garrison 2

    Gang Garrison It's basically a TF2 "demake". There's mods and stuff that you can use to change tons of things, like sprites and sounds.
  16. E.J.

    A simple request

    Alright. I recently purchased The Orange Box for my Xbox 360 console. I bought it because I wanted to play Team Fortress 2 and Portal without having most of the lag my computer does. The lag isn't horrible, only a little bit. I tested the lag with only Portal on my PC (I got it for free when it...
  17. E.J.

    Help/Support ► Fucking Computers

    Alright, KHI, here we go. I bought a Windows Vista Home Basic with 1G of speed(from those two aspects you could probably tell, my mother is one cheap fucker.) It would've been 50$ more for a 2G speed. I am using a 4 year old monitor with the giant back included. Internet set up, speakers, mouse...
  18. E.J.

    Help/Support ► Sisters

    I have two sisters. One is 8, the other is 15. The 8 year old one is fine, though she does things that are not normal, but that's her own issue. The 15 year old one has her issues too, but she also does things that annoy me. Example A, during the winter she takes my socks without asking because...
  19. E.J.

    Any good MMOs out there?

    For some fucking reason I started playing Maplestory private servers and got bored as hell, and realized I need a MMO to play. Free, btw.
  20. E.J.