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  1. Ovafaze

    Khi bros: a day in the life

    Recon: Fo sho. Hey do you wanna party chat? I'll bring the gummies. Recon: four show. Chuman: Can you-me-I-guys Recon: what? Four no show bro, you're not ten four Chuman: IS-THAT-BETTER? Recon: No show four broh fe fi fo, I got Chipotle tho Recon: Damn dude.fo sho End night
  2. Ovafaze

    I've been here 9 years.

    I signed up around the Re: chain of memories hype in 2008. Now there are only two dogs who keep me coming back, Lil Mac and Asa boy. The rest of you are pretty cool too. Almost to 10.
  3. Ovafaze

    Banned from his tablet is one thing..

    Banned from his friends? nah Petition #FreeChuman Let this dog out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jF9GBR3B0LE let him out.
  4. Ovafaze


    Welcome to the Chihuahuaman/Square Enicks Fanclub! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYws8biwOYc&ob=av3e [Official RAP video coming soon...] I'm surprised he didn't already have one. Below are his most memorable posts...
  5. Ovafaze

    Question about Destiny Islands..

    I don't understand what the Destiny island scene was for in the beginning. it wasn't really explained, and the Ursula fight? am I missing something? Sorry if there is already a thread on this, I couldn't find one.
  6. Ovafaze

    Kid Icarus: Uprising

    Release JP March 22, 2012 NA March 23, 2012 EU March 16 2012 http://youtu.be/CTpEH50AI-8 http://youtu.be/rf1aplPQczM Discuss.
  7. Ovafaze

    30 games and 80 movies to get the FULL KH experience?

    just read this on Kotaku I think the whole reason people play the games is because they're familiar with Disney movies and FF games. thoughts?
  8. Ovafaze

    If you have an hour to kill..this is for you

    nAVp_pGjNy8 haha enjoy
  9. Ovafaze

    Pushmo / Pullblox - I liked this game better when it was called Catherine.

    Because its that good and deserves its own thread. 5lB_FYe0qn4 you can also exchange levels in this thread. I just Barely fit all of the puzzles above, I'll edit my post below to add more as they come. 10 image limit.
  10. Ovafaze


    Yeah..this guy is going to eat himself to death, I sorta feel bad for him, but I guess its his own fault. 0Xx394kbGGA what do you guys think? I can believe people are supporting this. -_-t By the way, He gets paid by Google to do this...
  11. Ovafaze

    Christmas tradition

    So, for anyone who celebrates Christmas, what do you usually do every year? What are you doing this year? What my family is doing is a secret Santa, we each write three things on a piece of paper, each item has to be $20 or less, we can only get one, then we all draw a name from a hat and have...
  12. Ovafaze


    What are your thought on them? The reason I bring this up is because of this PETA Calls Out Nintendo For Fur-Wearing Mario ^ Really?! they have nothing better to do then THAT!?^ Like it's the only video game to do that. Super Mario 3 on the NES anyone? anyway, this thread is to discuss PETA...
  13. Ovafaze

    Three years ago today.

    I made an account here lol oh, and happy Birthday Superschlock!
  14. Ovafaze

    Disney Universe

    possibly game of the year urL8ESDffCI Comes out in NA October 25th 2011(Today!) -IGN It actually looks like a decent family game
  15. Ovafaze

    My MS paint creations.

    May be Kingdom hearts related.. your thoughts? Edit:More to come..
  16. Ovafaze

    Help/Support ► Helping a friend in China

    as the title says lol A friend of mine from China asked me to look over a speech she wrote and correct all her mistakes..the thing is, I'm not very good with grammar and stuff, so I was wondering if anyone here could read over it and fix it up a bit, she has to give the speech next Tuesday I...
  17. Ovafaze


    Looks like I'm leaving. I know nobody cares or even knows who I am, but I'm leaving. This thread is for the very few people who I talked to on here who more then likely won't see this. goodbye.
  18. Ovafaze

    Help/Support ► Diabetes discussion

    I have type 1 diabetes. I was diagnosed in January of 2010, I was insulin dependent for a very short time before I found out that the insulin was making things worse; my blood sugar was dropping real low(between 80 and 50) two hours after I injected myself before every meal. I talked to my...
  19. Ovafaze

    Back to the future the game

    Episode 1 is now available. HERE let's discuss the game. (haven't played it yet..but I am looking forward to it) Game trailer 3blzGwd4xLg Doc Brown returns(some gameplay footage) zbY2nAKcjZ0 More gameplay 5fYBqQYPjGQ
  20. Ovafaze

    Man Fires At Fla. School Board; Kills Self

    Just read about this, wow, and apparently there is video of the incident..though I couldn't find it. HERE