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  1. L

    My Photos >> Come take a gander

    I'm always nervous when it comes to sharing my photography with others but I would like to know what others think and also maybe find new ways to improve my work.I must say that I hate editing my photos because to me the photo loses it's natural-ness. I enjoy the photo as it was taken. Does that...
  2. L

    Holy Moly

    Wow....I've been gone an uber long time and everything is so different now. If my memory serves me right, I think my last post was almost a year ago O___O Anywho, I just wanted to post another "hello" thread to meet the newer (and older) faces of KHI. I hope to become active on the RPing boards...
  3. L

    Back // Well For Now

    Hello there KHI! I'm finally back after being gone since September. I don't think anyone really remembers who I was but maybe there's someone out there who does. Well so yeah, I'm back and just checking in to meet the new members and to also catch up on what has happened since I've been gone. :)
  4. L

    All Dolled Up

    Hello there ^__^ I figured I'd try and make this thread on KHI and see how it went. Basically all it happens to be is making a doll of yourself! It's fun, it's easy and it's neat to see how people view themselves. Here's the perfect website to do so. If the link doesn't work just go to GOOGLE...
  5. L

    Final Fantasy VII Tips/Tricks

    For the last few weeks I've decided to replay FFVII but since I'm trying to get everything possible I've run into a few problems. So I was wondering if someone on here could offer me some help (afterall that is what I created this thread for) Anywho...what I need to know is if there is an...
  6. L

    Final Fantasy VII: Great Gospel

    Okay...so as many FF players know, Final Fantasy VII offers Level 4 Limits for each of the characters featured in the game. I happen to have a question about one of the character's limit. For Aeris her final limit is called Great Gospel. But the only problem with her having a level 4 limit is...
  7. L

    The Riches

    Well a brand new FX orginal series has just started this week. I believe the first episode of The Riches aired this Wednesday night. Naturally from all the advirtising they did for this show I ended up watching it and thought it was pretty decent. I think I'm defiantly going to follow it to see...
  8. L

    Lil Ol' Newbie

    Hello there *waves* I'm new to the forum :blush: It's nice to meet everyone. I've been on a forum before but I won't lie it has been a while since I've taken part in one. Hopefully I'll be able to stay active :)