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Search results

  1. Z


    well it would be cool and if there was racing even better!
  2. Z

    2 quick questions

    yea it is up to date but it always has bugs
  3. Z

    Does anyone know?

    namine is kairis shadow so maybe BHK is soras shadow?
  4. Z

    2 quick questions

    i posted to tell u that i dont know where you can get the theme song and kh2 will be up in a month or too i think and i mean are you on kh2s forums?
  5. Z

    Light orb

    i think so too but what about the heartless in that world?
  6. Z

    After KH2

    yea i suppose but yea that would be cool
  7. Z

    Argg The Keyhole

    yea i think that will happen too!
  8. Z

    Light orb

    must be like the same world or soming i dont know but good eyesite
  9. Z

    Okay so we've seen Mickey

    yep and ion the end its gonna be a big role
  10. Z

    2 quick questions

    for both answers i do not know why you on kh2? thats the secound time its being down though
  11. Z

    Does anyone know?

    yea it is problably.
  12. Z

    Help! Im Stuck

    blavk death you know alot about the game! dont ya!
  13. Z

    Sora the Keyblade master?

    when all the darkness went all arond him in DI(the strom bit)
  14. Z

    Diz is not Amsem

    i think chaywa is rite
  15. Z

    Sora the Keyblade master?

    i havent played com and i still know that riku was the orginnally keyblade master.
  16. Z

    what are donald and goofy

    yes but everyone has darkness in them thats why i said their mostly light
  17. Z

    wakka &selphie?????????

    exalty i wonder what really did happen to them?
  18. Z

    what are donald and goofy

    well i dont know mostly light i think
  19. Z

    The superior?

    yea i suppose your rite on that one
  20. Z

    Sora the Keyblade master?

    i think riku is the keyblade master but soras heart is far stronger