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    Indigo Prophecy

    Hey guys. I was wanting to buy my friend, Angie, a Christmas present (Yes, I know it's too late, I just didn't have the money). And so I bought Indigo Prophecy. What do you guys think of it? X.
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    KH2 Info-Not sure if it's old or new.

    Sorry if this has already been posted, or is already old news.
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    KH/KH2/KH:CoM Quiz

    I found this while surfin' the net. You should try it out. Although some are still unknown... 1) Give some evidence that BHK is NOT Sora or a part of him. 2) Tell me 3 facts proving that DiZ is Ansem/a part of Ansem. 3) How did Riku and Mickey end up in the world of darkness and how come...
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    New NON-SPOILER KH2 avatars.

    There should be some new defult KH2 avatars on User CP. Thanks for your time, MERRY XMAS. X.
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    KH2 Official Website.

    Uhhh...this is sorta like the English version of the official site...http://na.square-enix.com/games/kingdomhearts/kh2/ Sorry if it has been posted. X.
  6. A


    I'm not desperate. Just looking for someone to talk on MSN. I got a new computer, and reset all of my friend's addresses. So, I need to fill up my buddy list again. So...could someone be my friend...I'm, oh so, lonely... PM me. Thanks for your time. X.
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    Here, here!!

    Now, it would only seem fair to announce this as briskly as possible as I recieve the information. For those whom are aware, or care; Tina-aka Tender Heart, is due to return to NZ. And will soon come back to the forums, although, I cannot be certain of that...since her parents has banned her...
  8. A

    Bore me, not.

    *Sigh* All I want to say is...f*** I'm so bored! Someone be my friend, or at least someone chat with me on MSN or somethin'! Everyone on my list is barely EVER online. Seriously. <rhetorical question>I'm not that "unattractive" am I?</rhetorical question> And a bit about me, to those who care...
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    She's gone.

    Hello there, my fellow forum members. :) I'm sorry to say, that Angel, as you know "her" of, is, confirmed that she is NOT going to return, not ever. She has gone to America, AL. However! *sarcasm* I'm still here, your friendly neighbor, Steph, aka, Angel_of_Death. So, don't be sad, look on the...
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    I'm new, indeed.

    Hello, all of ye...I know what you think..."Angel X's not new...sheeesh". But, no, I am new, I'm not the girl known as "Tina" hehind the username, I'm her friend Seph. So, just to let you know, don't think of me as a girl, I beg you. Please. Anyway, here I am!! I'm willing to make friends, and a...
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    Leaving, for real.

    Hi! As several of you may know, I've posted up to 9000 posts now, and I thought that I should give the forums a rest, besides, exams and essays are coming up, so I'm going to leave for about a month. My friend Angel_of_Death, as known in another forum, and Seph, in real life, is going to take...
  12. A

    F***, not again.

    Here we go again...I just posted 9000+ posts, suppose I really should stop...So...anyway...YAY~~~W00T W00T!!!:p:D:p
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    Newbie Adoptions!!

    Hello there yall lovely newcomers. Demon X, and myself (As a forum couple;)) are looking to adopt a newbie to this forum, and the best place to look is here! So if you are new to these forums, unsure of things, and won't mind someone to look after you 'till you can look after yourself, then...
  14. A


    Alright, here's the deal: I know two guys, a friends named Dereck, who's a close friend, we've been friends ever since I can remember. And on the other hand, there's another friend called Seph, who I met recently, and I'm close to also. They both "seem" to really like me, and they even told...
  15. A

    Saratp's 700th Post!! ^__^

    Yay! Saratp has posted her 700th post! Too bad she can't seem to post a new thread at the moment But anyway! Let us congratulate her with a partay!! W00t!
  16. A

    I'm leaving.

    Hi meh peeps! I've got some Good news and some Bad news. First off, the Bad news is that I won't be able to post here as often, mainly because I'm just WAYYY too busy these few days. BUT, the Good news is that I will be able to stop by once in a while, that means I will eventually come here...
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    8000. Yeah, I have no life.

    I've posted my 8000th post...YAY.:rolleyes:
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    7000 post baby!! ^_^

    Yo yo! I've posted my 7000st post!! :D:D
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    A suggestion.

    Hey, I have a suggestion to the moderators. I have joined numerous other forums, and when ever a new member joins the forum, and post at the New Members area, either the moderator or Admin welcomes them to the site. I hope that our forum can do the same, since it doesn't hurt to let new comers...
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    6000th post.

    Hey! I've posted my 6000th post! YAY!:p