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    Master of masters identity

    I’m trying to say he grew into the master after all of the things we seen and more then traveled back to the time of ux. And even if it said the master came from years before, ventus may has as well and for some reason traveled forward to ux, making it possible for him to go back to the time the...
  2. D

    Master of masters identity

    And may I add why else would ventus’s darkness name itself after the masters sin, pride? Vanitas=vanity and the eye is on the void gear!
  3. D

    Master of masters identity

    If you remember in birth by sleep every major villain was in the graveyard xehanort, terra xehanort (ansem,xemnas), luxu, vanitas(darkness) and the only one left is the master of masters well in remind he’s hinted at being light and ventus is pure light according to the most recent ux update...