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  1. K

    x::The [soraxkairilover] Fanclub::x

    Hi and welcome everyone who clicked the link to this page =) This is the fanclub and worshipping place for soraxkairilover, aka candeh-chan ^^ She's really cool and her own person. She doesnt follow others and try to be things she isnt. In my personal experience, she a very nice person and...
  2. K

    -+: The MasterofOblivion Fanclub:+-

    This is a fanclub for my teddy :D He wants to be worshipped so I made him one! He's a very open, funny and nice guy. So join! XP Members Kao-chan
  3. K

    I Need Help...Again!

    Right, so my mom has these locks on the computer. And I usually download trials of Photoshop. So I have to ask her to log into her account (which is, in simpler terms, childlock free) so that I can do that. The only problem is with the CS versions. They dont work on the guest account. Everytime...
  4. K

    |::{The Rikku Fanclub}::|

    I was browsing the fanclub section and zomg! there wasnt a Rikku fanclub! ._. So im taking the oppurtunity to make one ^^ no Rikku haters allowed, Join if you like this sUpA hYpA lAdEh! ::Prezident Kao-chan ::Vice Prezident Cloud Unchained ::MembersSora Ish Mine! Aimee
  5. K

    Summons in KH2

    Okay admit it. Summons in KH2 suck =P Who really cares that chicken Little can fight by your side? Anyway, I was thinking, what if the summons in KH2 were like FFX summons! You could summon Shiva and kick some heartless @$$! ^^ But then I thought about the overdrive sytem. It wouldnt be fun if...
  6. K

    ::The Riku Fanclub Revisited Fanfiction Contest::

    The Riku Fanclub Revisted, also know as The Closed, is holding it's first fanfiction contest. So the contestants, spectators, and judges can keep up, a host thread, this one, will be here to keep you updated. All participants and judges must read and adhere to the rules on this page. The...
  7. K


    This is a very funny anime series! ^^ I just started watching it today. And although the art wasnt a hit with me, what happens was actually very funny. Sana, the main character, is very energetic, wild and even brave. She has an agent whose like 15 years older than her who she calls her...
  8. K

    How Do I...

    ...empty out my picture folder in one blow? I have almost 800 pictures in there and some of them...I rather my mom not see :rolleyes: No, my mom almost never logs into the guest account. That doesnt mean she doesnt use the comp regularly. In fact she put locks on it. I can't download crap...
  9. K

    Fanfiction ► ::Karaoke Lesson::

    Before you read: Okay, first I would like to apologize for how long this chapter is ^^; in fact i cut some of it out..... With that said, there will not be whole chapters, like 1, 2, 3, ect. But they'll be cut into fractions. Like 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, ect. Personally, im not that attracted to long...
  10. K

    I Need Some Help Please!

    My computer screen! It keeps blacking out on me xD Like, every 20 or 30 minutes, although it's still on, it will go black. Everything is on it's just that I can't see the picture. Like bad cable. >__>; If I turn the screen power off for about 10-15 minutes it'll stay on for awhile, say another...
  11. K

    What Do You Think it Means?

    I just beat KHII, and of course without getting the secret ending. So I just spoiled it for myself and checked Youtube. Anyway, besides the speculation that there will be a KHIII.....what do you think that Secret Ending met? And I noticed one of the Keyblades in the ground was the Souleater...
  12. K

    Pre-order or Reserve???

    Simple question. Which should I do? Should I pre-order KH2 and take a risk on it getting lost in the mail or something else? Or reserve KH2 and take a risk on the retailer dumbly selling my copy to another person? and when will they start letting people reserve copies?
  13. K

    Fanfiction ► ~*.:Frozen Destinies:.*~

    Everything has a process. A minor detail in the grid that leads to your fate. We were meant to be apart. But always together. How did things get so mangled? We are all so intertwined. Our lives, our fate, written in the same stone. Binded together. ~*.:Frozen Destines:.*~ “Sora…” Kairi said...
  14. K

    your fave.........

    once again, im bored, so why not. i want to know your favorite color and number. just because im bored. i LUV the color blue *im obscessed(sp?)* and i like all numbers ending in two up to 32. (2, 12, 22, and 32.) :D :)
  15. K

    Too cake, cookie, brownie, pie, muffin. ect. Luvers!!!!!!

    Yah im bored so im making a thread for people who like any type of baked good post what u like and why!!! WOOT! and maybe they'll be something in it! okay, i like cake, pie, cheesecake. muffins. brownies, cookies, doughnuts, and i havent gained a pound!!!!! maybe its cuz they're keeping them...
  16. K


    okies!!!! me, Kaori, and Kbmaster are married!!! yay!! *starts to clap* it seems like my plan worked..........well, now we celebrate!!! i got cake, cookies *names alot of deserts*, food, and bubbly, lots and lots of bubbly and sake!! woot! *waits for her hubby to arrive*
  17. K

    Angel Romance RP!!!

    This Rp is about angels *good, bad, twilight, ect* who at first live on a ocean/forest planet.You all get locked in a Virtual reality world and the only way to escape is to not forget. but over time you begin to like this place a lot and your memory slowly fades. you dont want to leave the VR...
  18. K


    um..hi...im new so please go easy on me
  19. K

    New KH2 Website!!!

    i know the official website for kh2.the site is in japanese but just put a username in on the opening screen of www.square-enix.co.jp/kingdom2/ and turn your speakers up...