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  1. ShardofTruth

    Zexion's Book of Retribution

    Does anyone here know if the cover of the book was depicted or described differently in any of the games, mangas, novels or even interviews? At least in the Japanese and International versions of KHIIFM and ReCoM and their HD remakes the book's title is "Hallucination -another side-": But...
  2. ShardofTruth

    Looking for information about the cut Mysterious Tower world

    As you may know there was a point in the development of DDD when the Mysterious Tower wasn't just a cutscene world but part of the main gameplay itself. All that's left of it is the logo animation at the end of the game, some replacement art in the game files and some hint of the world's image...
  3. ShardofTruth

    Why was Ventus' Awakening changed in the HD 2.5 ReMIX?

    I don't know if this was talked about before but after looking through the textures of the BBS I noticed that a Station of Awakening was missing so I checked the intro scene and indeed it's completely gone from the game. Does anyone know why? Originally when Sora repaired Ventus' heart the...
  4. ShardofTruth

    The location of the Dark Margin or Where is Aqua?

    On a recent discussion with the KH-Infoblock I noticed that there seem to be a lot of different opinions on what the Dark Margin is and where Aqua meets Ansem during Blank Points. Their argumentation goes as follows: In the Director's Secret Report XIII (which is part of the Another Report book...
  5. ShardofTruth

    The last sentence of the Foreteller Script

    Let's make a speculation topic for a change. I think Nomura dropped this line two times now and when the Famitsu posted an new image of the book from the game with a much shorter message, it got me thinking: maybe we can translate it. What do we now about the book? It seems to be similar to...
  6. ShardofTruth

    KH HD 1.5 ReMIX: New translations

    Were there any changes made and how was the new stuff translated? From what I witnessed until now is that it actually got more confusing, at least for the materials. Some of you may know that the material classes stay almost the same in the Japanese versions while they get new English names in...
  7. ShardofTruth

    Kingdom Hearts II savegame request

    I need to rip some visual stuff that only appears during some story segments and boss fights, but because I've always played the Japanese version (which differs quite a lot from the North American version in this regard), I don't have any savegames for it and gamefaqs mostly provides them for...
  8. ShardofTruth

    The elusive Windmill item

    As anyone of you actually found the "Windmill" item, that is supposed to be in the game? The Ultimania lists it for the Japanese version and apparently it's aquired by using the StreePass function and not useful in the least. Is it still in the international versions (the Bradygames guide...