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  1. K

    About Vanitas

    So with the advent of ReMIND, seems there's more to this guy's origins that meets the eye and that he's not just simply Ventus' dark half like everyone believed(which is pretty dumb from what BBS told us but eh). It's not talked about much from what I've seen but what do you guys think is up...
  2. K

    About the KH3 boxart....

    I said this in another thread but you see basically all the protagonists in their respective trios....except Namine who's all by herself. I'm not that big of a fan about Namine nor do I care too much for what happens fo her, but I kinda thought the imagery made her look pitiful. Like I get that...
  3. K

    Theory concerning Vessels

    The theory I'm about to post is one I discussed with Sephiroth. Seeing his response to it definitely inspired me to share it here so here it goes. Now on the previous Marluxia theory post has gotten me so involved and interested in the subject that I devised a little theory and after talking...
  4. K

    The Norts' chances of survival going into the next saga

    We all know KH3 will be the last game in the Xehanort Saga and all meaning the Xehanort problem will be over and done with which may include the 13 Norts as well but which ones could you see surviving after the Xehanort Saga ends? I'll just go with the known members along with the most likely...
  5. K

    Riku's interactions with Final Fantasy characters

    Am I the only one who's kinda stumped that Riku hasn't interacted with any FF characters and is hoping he does in KH3 regardless of his mission with Mickey? I get back then he probably wouldn't have interacted with a lot of them due to the whole "darker than thou" drama he had going on, but...
  6. K

    13 Seekers of Darkness Seating Theory

    Hey guys I'm Key and new around here(well kinda because I had an account back in like 2010 or so but forgot the password :/) so I wanted to kinda talk about a little theory of mine that I'm sure others have come up with as well and the subject's probably been beaten to death at this point but...