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  1. forget-me-not

    Final Mix

    I'm sure there are other posts like, this, but I've looked around and have yet to find one that answers all of my questions. Is it worth it to import Final Mix for KH2? And what would I need in order to play it? I live in the U.S., speak English, and have the slim version of the PS2. Also...
  2. forget-me-not

    Axel's Death

    Alright, a few points/question that I have about the ending pieces of KH2 and KH2FM. And yes, I realize not all of this has to do with the title - I just figured it would get more people's attention. 1. Did anyone else notice that just before Axel's kamikaze, when you're fighting with him, he...
  3. forget-me-not

    Vanitas face and Xehanort's reason

    Ok, two things. First, and most importantly, DOES ANYONE HAVE A PICTURE OF VANITAS'S FACE! I'M DYING HERE! if anyone does, PLEASE post it here, or there, or anywhere! I know what it's supposed to look like and who Vanitas is, but I would lovelovelovelove a picture. so... yeah Also, I pretty...
  4. forget-me-not

    The Crumbi Ship

    Alright, I have felt this way for a long time, and I can contain it no longer. I don't care if people hate me for this. And I am honestly curious DOES ANYBODY ACTUALLY LIKE FLYING THE GUMMI SHIP? I find it to be tedious, boring, and a complete waste of time. And yet for every world we have to...
  5. forget-me-not


    Okay, so I'm sure people have already noticed this, but I've looked around and there's no thread. I think this might be really big, but who knows. Just tell me what you think. Did you guys notice that the other organization members (Dilan/Xaldin, Even/Vexen and Aeleus/Lexeaus) look EXACTLY like...
  6. forget-me-not

    The Elusive Neverland Phantomtail

    Okay so I need help. But the pathetic thing is that it's not with beating the boss. It's FINDING IT! I've searched EVERYWHERE! I've been flying around for an hour! and this neverland music is starting to make me a little nuts! *twitches uncontrollably* Please help! I no it's pathetic but take...
  7. forget-me-not

    When does it pick up?

    Alright, I know I may be offending some people here, but I'm sorry, this is my honest opinion. I haven't beaten the game yet - I'm not eve half way through, I don't think - but I'm still pretty far into it. Day 121 I think. And honestly, I'm bored. I love the controls and the gameplay, but I...
  8. forget-me-not

    Kingdom Hearts

    Alright, I know I am going to sound like an idiot, but this has been bugging me for a long time, and no matter how many times I play the games, I can't wrap my head around it. What actually is Kingdom Hearts? I know, it's the heart of all worlds, but that's about where my comprehension stops...
  9. forget-me-not

    My very first

    Alright. No these are not the first things I ever wrote. If I posted those I would be laughed out of the forum haha. It's just the first time I've posted my work in this section. I decided to go with poetry first, and see how badly it gets flamed before I publsih my more lengthy stuff. So here...
  10. forget-me-not

    BBS - a half theory

    Okay, so I just signed up for this forum, but I've been looking at it for a while, and I have never seen what I am about to say mentioned. If there already is a thread or multiple threads going about this, well, sorry about that, just tell me, or close the thread. So, sorry if this is a repeat...