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  1. Relix

    A "What if" idea about Xion

    Firstly, hey everyone, don't know how well received this thread will be for a multitude of reasons what with it being a "what if" scenario piece, being about Xion, heavily leaning on hypothetical whimsies, being about Xion. Anyways. I've had this idea ever since KH1.5 came out and honestly I...
  2. Relix

    TV ► Hulu vs Netflix

    This isn't exactly a clash of the titans as the title suggests but rather a question of whether you have one or the other (or perhaps both). Very click-bait-y I know. I've been a customer of Netflix for about 5 years now I believe and I've always enjoyed their service and selection but recently...
  3. Relix

    Do you believe in evil?

    Just as the title entails I want to have a civil discussion on the concept of evil and if it is something that is, just that, a concept or perhaps an actual working force in this universe or a product of human understanding towards those who act against the common notion of "good" or however way...
  4. Relix

    Help/Support ► Social skills hindered by technology?

    I spend an extended amount of time speaking electronically whether it is through text, email, IM, forums, what have you. The current job I have requires that I speak to people on a regular basis and when its strictly business I can say what I need to say just fine. But if its non-IT related and...
  5. Relix

    Help/Support ► Why doesn't it feel like I did the right thing?

    I'm not a violent person, not even much of an angry person. Guys have started fights with me over petty things like ex-girlfriends, bad-blood between friends, or something of the sort. These fights were usually with people I sort of knew or had seen on regular basis. But tonight was different...
  6. Relix

    Whatever the cost he's willing to pay it

    Alright, here me out. It's not much of a theory but more of me making observations and reading too into settings and dialogue. In Riku's part of the story when he is in the World that Never Was. After he defeated the coated nightmare, Riku descends into darkness. Whether this darkness is his...
  7. Relix

    Help/Support ► Friendships

    I'm not used to these sorta talks or anything, well not on here anyway so I wasn't sure how to start this thread off or what to even make the title but I'm just going to try and see what happens So recently a couple of friends and I have grown distant. We were pretty much the first group of...
  8. Relix

    "Behowl" (experimental)

    ... A silent breeze eased through the maze of trees. Trees that seemed deformed as they leaned in countless angles and directions. Trees shades of gray with twisted branches reminiscent of skeletal hands. The sky grew dark. Clouds of gray painting over what was once blue. Clouds so thick and...
  9. Relix

    Oh snaps! I'm Platinum~

    So yeah, I Relix aka TerMog, have just reached Platinum status :DD Kickass!
  10. Relix

    90's Nick Cartoons(maybe) making a comeback?

    Well I was browsing through the internet and I stumbled on this. Nickelodeon making new episodes of classic 90's cartoons It states that Nick's low ratings have spurred them to return to their studios to make more episodes of shows like: Doug, Rugrats, Angry Beavers, Rocket Power, etc. As...
  11. Relix

    Xemnas: Keyblade impaired?

    Seeing how people are posting Theories about No Heart now, I'm going to pick at something that has to deal loosely on it that I thought should be addressed. And thats Xemnas's legitimacy as a keyblade wielder. I doubt Xemnas stopped because of "morals" because he has no emotions to back these...
  12. Relix

    MF time power origin?

    It's not a full blown theory or anything and it barely has any analysis but after seeing another thread about the RoD and the RoL I thought about something: Apparently in the RoD time flows differently than in the Realm of Light. Is it possible that MF is utilizing time differences from the...
  13. Relix

    Riku Plot for KH:3D? Theory

    Alright even though we really know absolutely nothing about this game really I just want to post up something I've been thinking about. After Ansem's explosion Riku was cleansed of Xehanort's Heartless's shadow relieving him of Xehanort's darkness. Now what if the darkness of Xehanort was...
  14. Relix

    Help/Support ► Feelings for a Friend (advise?)

    Ok. I never thought I'd have to ask for advise on this but the truth of the matter is...I really don't know what to do. This girl has been my best lady friend for almost three years now and we've been ok friends for a year before that. We both just recently graduated from high school and...
  15. Relix


    After confirming RAX torment and connections to Sora I wanted to look into someone who's not directly connected to Sora but somehow is also tormented. Some say yeah he is tormented because he can't remember Xion but the enough shouldn't keep Axel linked to Sora in my opinion. Well to cut to the...
  16. Relix

    Xemnas. Why didn't he?...

    Alright I made this thread because I was just going to let this one slide and wait till other games to point it out but I can't anymore lol In the Ultimania of Birth By Sleep, one subject addressed was "Xemnas being a nobody of two keyblade wielders, Terra and Master Xehanort (technically...
  17. Relix

    Torment, Emotions, and Ansem's Findings

    This isn't so much a theory, more like seeking to understand something. I've been wondering lately what could be the torment that Roxas and Xion could be going through as well as Axel, seeing how Roxas looked content in the end of KHII and somewhat in Coded. These thoughts sprouced up from...
  18. Relix

    Fanfiction ► Fate of a Memory [KH fanfic]

    (Hi. This is my first time actually writing down one of my fanfics because this one actually seems kind of promising to me. ^^ It’s kind of a proto-type, beta phase thing so constructive criticism is welcomed. Enjoy.) Time Frame: Begins before the Legendary Keyblade War until the beginning of...
  19. Relix

    Riku questions

    Hey guys, 1. Did something happen to Riku that i'm not aware of when Terra showed him his keyblade for Aqua to sense that Riku would wield the keyblade AND might stumble into darkness? 2. yeah stupid question, was it explained why Riku got that Keyblade that Aqua used? (Formally known as the...
  20. Relix

    A small theory/guess at Silver haired Male(kinda spolier?)

    Sora had three hearts in him when he willingly shanked himself with the Artificial keyblade right, thus creating a "heartless" Sora and special nobodies Roxas and Namine. Roxas is Sora's nobody with Ven's influence, Namine is a nobody made from kairi's heart leaving sora's body correct? Okay now...