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  1. Cosmic+Amarna

    Beta-Sora or final draft?

    Yeah, really Fudgemint, this is a really good drawing! I love it. I think that I like the human design more. The original design is cool and creative, but I guess that I just prefer a 'dull, ordinary boy' more.
  2. Cosmic+Amarna

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    Perseverance will help as well. Spend some time studying their actions and attacks. I was seriously convinced that I wouldn't be able to beat any of them on my Proud play thru. But after a while I was able to defeat all of them aside from Luxord lol. Although, I usually have to use the drive...
  3. Cosmic+Amarna

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    I already knew this prior to, but now that I'm on Ventus, I was having those thoughts exactly (earlier today to be specific). I feel kind of ashamed saying this, but I've only played BBS once and it was in 2011. I was kind taken back at how quickly the game advances during my 2.5 play thrus but...
  4. Cosmic+Amarna

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    I'll tell you what I'm not enjoying, goddamn Item Boost ability in Command Melding. I guess I should have a command guide pulled up when I'm melding from now on. Other than that, BBS looks great. Just finished Terra's story last Saturday and now I'm in RG with Ven. Who knew rocks and mountains...
  5. Cosmic+Amarna

    Help/Support ► i give up on dating FOREVER

    I'd say that everyone's standards are too high. Our expectations are usually too high or demanding, and thus are unrealistic. This is something that is difficult to deal with in our culture where only someone's best moments are displayed and glorified.
  6. Cosmic+Amarna

    Was 3D a plothole?

    Re: was 3D a plothole? I was mistaken, Xemnas tells Sora about Ansem the Wise copying The Grid, not YMX. The Grid is a program, made of Data...
  7. Cosmic+Amarna

    Was 3D a plothole?

    Re: was 3D a plothole? Olympian got it right, Data cannot dream. YMX conveys this to Sora, he tells him that this is real. He also goes on to talk about how The Grid is the original program and that Space Paranoids is a copy that Ansem the Wise created for RG. Idk.
  8. Cosmic+Amarna

    The final battle is BS.

    I actually just did like 6 or 7 Reversals on the black thorns.
  9. Cosmic+Amarna

    What is the Recusant?

    I've always taken it to mean this simply: (A rewording of the quote by Xemnas) Now that you've been marked by us, you (Sora) will become one of us, and you shall be known amongst us as the one who joined unwillingly,the one who refused. A recusant is someone who refuses to submit or comply with...
  10. Cosmic+Amarna

    i need help beating marluxia

    You can rape him real good by using reflect on him as an attack (not a shield) if you're in Master Form. I like to equip the Fatal Crest keyblade to Master Form because it has a good magic stat and it's ability is useful here. Drive into Master and then use Reflect on him, he will get caught up...
  11. Cosmic+Amarna

    The final battle is BS.

    I've only done one KHIIFM play thru so far and I don't remember having any problems with Roxas, oh but against Xemnas, I experience this quite often. I read in a thread on Game FAQS forums that this problem existed in the original vanilla version. Does anybody here know if that is true? Either...
  12. Cosmic+Amarna

    Im confused at Donald and Goofy and Jiminny?......

    Yeah something like that.
  13. Cosmic+Amarna

    Im confused at Donald and Goofy and Jiminny?......

    Re:Coded takes place after KHII and before Dream Drop Distance. In the ending scene after KHII's credits, Sora, Riku, and Kairi are back on the Destiny Islands and The King, Donald, and Goofy are back at Disney Castle. The letter in the bottle is from King Mickey and is regarding what those...
  14. Cosmic+Amarna

    Nitpicks and the little things

    I liked how in KHII Xaldin says something to the extent of "Good, it's not in my nature to hold back". He says this in one of the cutscenes in which the Org. is talking Where Nothing Gathers. He then goes on to get his shit rocked by Belle in Beast's Castle lol. She jerks him with a quick elbow...
  15. Cosmic+Amarna

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    Ugh, I should have looked that up first. I'm not going to 100% everything but I want the final and secret episodes. I just got to Deep Space with Terra and this is my first HD BBSFM play thru. I'm strongly considering restarting now. I felt/feel the same way about the camera in BBS. I'd have to...
  16. Cosmic+Amarna

    Do you want Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 to come to next gen console ?

    Re: Do you want kingdom hearts 1.5 and 2.5 to come to next gen console ? Not really. Would there be any significant difference visually? The game looks great on my tv now, so I probably wouldn't purchase it.
  17. Cosmic+Amarna

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    I'm pretty sure that it's not a glitch (almost certain). It was this way in the original KHII and yes it's very annoying that they set it up that way.
  18. Cosmic+Amarna

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    I don't know, you may have to beat the game if you want to find out.
  19. Cosmic+Amarna

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    Did you beat the game and save a cleared file?