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    Secret Episode Help

    What level would you all recommend for secret episode in critical mode? I'm in level 30+, end up defeated by those Heartless in the realm... :((( And also before Aqua die multiple times in beating the Red-eyes sht, what strategy or commands would you all recommend? Thanks for help.
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    So, there was certain things I don't understand....since I saw it from another thread... Namine can mess with Aqua's memories...... Can Namine really mess up with other peoples ' memories or make somebody to lose memory? Can anyone explain to me this sht? Thanks.
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    Shotlocks and D-link Help

    So I was boring and planned to complete the trinity archives in BBS, there are some shotlocks and Dimensional links were missing. So, can anyone give me a help on that or provide a list of it..? Thanks :)
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    Help on KH:BBS

    I was wondering is there any requirement for unlocking the last episode and secret boss? Do i need to complete the treasure list too? Currently, i"m playing the game on proud mode.. I need help on that. Thanks.
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    Help Needed

    Erm, guys. I have replay KH1 recently , but find that i was not able to beat Sephiroth. So, any guides on that? I will be appreaciated.
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    * Hi *

    Hello to everyone in this forum.. I'm new here..^^ Glad to know some much news and information about KH from this site.. Besides, there is a lot of awesome theory about the new upcoming KH games going around and it seem that this forum is active in discussion ^^ So, if i have any problem, i hope...